10 ways to make hiring (or hiring managers) more effective

10 ways to make hiring (or hiring managers) more effective

Ten ways to make hiring (or hiring managers) more effective

By Ian Milford, lead recruiter, JRoss Hospitality Recruiters


Whether you work with an internal recruitment team, an outside recruiter or are responsible for your own hiring the following 10 points can be applied at any level within an organization and can assist in making better hiring decisions.

A recent study by the Corporate Leadership Council analyzed 30 factors to determine what’s most important when attracting and retaining employees. It found that the quality of the hiring manager had one of the biggest impacts on attracting and retaining talent. Hiring managers are the key to hiring success yet, ironically, even if they approach their job with systems and rigor, they often take an ad hoc approach to recruiting. The tips outlined below provide hiring managers with simple tools to improve their hiring decisions. Better hiring decisions help save money, improve productivity and reduce staff turnover.

1)    Work on planning – meet with the people involved in the hiring decision before you start recruiting. If you’re hiring for a restaurant manager determine what skill set is required to be successful, what previous experience you will consider (QSR, casual or fine dining) and how many years experience are required. Define your needs; group and rank those needs and set compensation ranges at the beginning.

2)    Make sure you have a good, well-thought-out job description – ensure the information you supply candidates provides an accurate overview of what the requirements are and what the job entails. Review it to ensure it is up to date and outlines the actual duties, skills and requirements the successful candidate will possess. If you’re hiring a multi-unit manager be sure to include details like how many stores are in the territory and how much travel is involved.

3)    Be aware of the current labour market – it’s not all about the unemployment rate. Consider how many competitors you have in the market and how many similar positions exist within their organizations. If you are looking for someone with specialized skills or qualifications recognize that they are likely in demand. While there may be plenty of Director of Sales candidates in downtown Toronto or Vancouver that likely isn’t the case in smaller and remote markets. 

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