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2023 brings expansion for some restaurant chains

Many restaurant chains are still on the path to recovery, continuing to struggle with inflation, supply chain delays, and labour shortages. But for some, 2023 brings the promise of growth and expansion, even amid the possibility of an impending recession.   

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As we work towards getting back to pre-pandemic levels of service and revenue, a growth mindset is important for the future of the foodservice industry.   

Redberry Restaurants just announced that they will be adding 200 new Taco Bell locations across Canada over the next eight years, on top of the already-successful 14 restaurants in Ontario. The expansion plan includes new locations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.  “We are thrilled to open our first new-build Taco Bell restaurant in the city of London, which is the third Redberry-owned Taco Bell in the city,” said Chris Racine, chief operating officer of Redberry. “This new location is the perfect start of our expansion plan to significantly increase the availability of Taco Bells across Canada.”  

Looking ahead to the future, Quiznos, with just under 200 locations currently, also plans to expand. They will add a handful of new restaurants this year, but its growth will see a “rather sharp curve” in 2024, according to Brent Phillip, vice president of marketing and digital experience for their parent company REGO Restaurant Group.

Chipotle is another chain looking to make a bigger impact in 2023, planning to add 285 new locations to its portfolio this year. Similarly, Chick-fil-A plans to continue to grow its Canadian presence, reaching  20 Canadian stores by 2025. Following 2025, they plan to add 7 to ten stores per year to their portfolio.

Even though much of the industry is still facing an uphill battle, it’s encouraging to see that growth and expansion are on the horizon for some restaurant chains, beginning as early as this year.

Photo courtesy of CNW Group/Redberry Restaurants