2023’s best burger trends

Once the warmer weather arrives, Canadians tend to think of barbecuing as synonymous with patios, and that means it’s time to get your burger menu ready. You likely already have burgers on your menu, but are you taking today’s trends into consideration?

According to Technomic’s recent study, there are some top trends to note this season.

Meat vs. plant-based

While beef is still a top burger choice, customers are also drawn to upscale ingredients like wagyu, often paired with ingredients like brie, pancetta, and bacon jam.

House-made specialties like chuck, brisket, or short rib are also getting attention. In fact, studies show that pulled pork is one of the fastest-growing burger ingredients, up 48 per cent this year.

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More and more people are choosing flexitarian diets, and the demand for plant-based burgers is up 20 per cent this year. While there are tons of meat alternatives out there, you can also create something of your own with beans, lentils, or another plant protein source. You may not have a separate plant-based menu, but offering a plant-based burger will allow you to appeal to a broader market.

Global flavours

As globally inspired dishes continue to gain momentum on menus, why not combine two top trends? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel; you can incorporate new flavours with small tweaks to the classics. Think about adding Bearnaise sauce to your burger for a little French flair, or an Asian-inspired slaw for a unique add-on.

Want to embrace something new? You could go Mediterranean with a lamb burger, feta cheese, and tzatziki, or get spicy with jalapenos and chipotle sauce for a twist on Taco Tuesday.

You could also offer a variety of minis, adding global inspiration to a slider trio or share plate.


Here’s where your dish often becomes Instagrammable, with toppings like dripping cheese and mouth-watering sauces. Provolone is the cheese of choice (up 19 per cent), and arugula is proving popular as an alternative to lettuce. Tartar sauce is another top pick (up 38 per cent), adding that special touch to seafood burgers.

Building up your burger is also a fan favourite, with double patties, onion ring toppings, and fried eggs still being featured on many menus. Create something your guests will love by adding your own specialty toppings!

Now may be the perfect time to up your burger game, excite your customers with new dishes, and get trendy with your menu.