2023’s top trends add flavour and colour to restaurant menus

Each year we see new colours, flavours and ingredients topping the menu trends list, so what’s in store for 2023 menus? Experts predict everything from global influences to splashy colours to nostalgic favourites, and more.

Try out some of these top 2023 trends at your restaurant to stay current, get your customers talking, and appeal to a greater number of diners.

Global influences

2022 brought the rise of global flavours and dishes on menus and that trend is gaining momentum in 2023. Experts see dishes like sisig, driven by the growth of Filipino cuisine, becoming popular, along with salsa macha, which has grown 339 per cent on menus in the last four years. Southeast Asian, Caribbean and Latin American dishes are also expected to grow in popularity as diners continue to look for unique flavour combinations.

This trend is even hitting the beverage scene, with drinks like mangonada up on restaurant menus last year by 100 per cent and ranch water (the fastest growing menu item in 2022) also expected to be seen more on menus this year.

Dramatic colours

Colourful dishes that pop on the plate are on-trend for 2023. Up-and-coming ingredients like black tahini, dragon fruit, ube, and Japanese cherry blossom hit the unique flavour category while also adding lively colour to your dishes. Pink has been predicted to be the most popular colour on menus this year, showcasing ingredients like strawberry purée, pomegranate glaze, hibiscus, sockeye salmon, and more.

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A nod to the nostalgic

As much as people are looking to broaden their tastes with new and unique flavours, research shows that 71 per cent of people are also interested in buying and tasting flavours from their childhood.

From drinks to desserts, diners are looking for ‘newstalgia,’ meaning a mix of new and exciting flavours with what’s familiar and comfortable. Some of the flavours expected to top the trends are s’mores, baked Alaska, macaroni and cheese, and pizza bites.

According to Yelp, old classics like slushies will also be big on menus this year, a versatile menu trend that can be applied anywhere from kids’ menus to creative cocktails.

2023 is looking like a year full of flavour, colour, and a feeling of home on restaurant menus.