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5 food holidays to celebrate in August, from ice cream sandwiches to filet mignon

By Megan Prevost

With the end of summer approaching, it’s time to take advantage of the heat while it’s still here, relishing in delicious summer faves like ice cream sandwiches and s’mores. If you’re looking for an excellent way to bring in some more customers on slower days, utilizing food holidays can bring both fun and festivity to an otherwise lacklustre time and help to boost your bottom line.

Celebrating these random holidays can showcase your favourite dishes, offer specials for specific items, or even give away freebies. Don’t let these holidays pass by without a second glance; do whatever you want with them, using them to your advantage!

Once you’ve decided which holiday you want to celebrate, you’ll need to plan out your strategy. How are you going to make your holiday plans known? We recommend a combination of print and digital advertising for the most reach. Take to your social media accounts and utilize both stories, posts, and reels to showcase the upcoming holiday and paired deals. You can also use items like table tents, flyers, and sandwich boards to advertise to passersby and dine-in customers. 

So, take a look at these fun August food holidays and decide which one you want to celebrate with your customers this month! If you would rather celebrate something all month long, August also happens to be: 

  • Catfish Month
  • Panini Month
  • Peach Month
  • Sandwich Month

August 2: Ice Cream Sandwich Day

If it’s hot in your area, celebrating Ice Cream Sandwich Day is a great way to close out the summer, offering one last hurrah before the transition to fall begins. Besides, who doesn’t love a good ice cream sandwich? While this holiday is great for ice cream or dessert shops, anyone can utilize it, from fast-casual to fine-dining. Just make sure to plan your dish accordingly, so it still fits in with the vibe of your restaurant. 

August 10: S’mores Day

There’s nothing like sitting around the campfire roasting a s’more (or accidentally setting it on fire). But who says you need to be outside to enjoy this delicacy? Even if you don’t want to serve up a classic s’more, the flavour profile easily translates to other dishes. The options here are limitless, but some of our favourites include cakes, pies, ice creams, and even alcoholic drinks like mudslides. Let creativity carry you with this one, and you’ll be able to create some really fun concoctions. 

August 13: Filet Mignon Day

This one is for the steakhouses and fine-dining restaurants looking to showcase a premier cut of meat. Filet mignon has a reputation for being juicy, delicious, and high-end. You can use this holiday as a way to introduce this fancy cut to customers who would otherwise order something else, or by making it cheaper or more accessible for one day — a great way to get people hooked and eager to order it on their next visit. 

August 19: Hot & Spicy Day 

If you’re looking for something more general to celebrate, Hot & Spicy day is the perfect option! This holiday could work for tons of different types of restaurants, from fast-casual to fine-dining and American to East Asian! Whether you already have spicy items on the menu or not, you can make this one work in your favour. Pump up the spice on existing dishes or showcase your hottest options for the most success. 

August 25: Whiskey Sour Day

Let’s end with a fun one: Whiskey Sour Day! It’s time to highlight your favourite whiskey sour drinks. You could even create a flight with different whiskeys or incorporate different aspects to each beverage. Maybe even offer BOGO drinks, offering a double for the price of a single, or other promotions. If you run a fine-dining establishment, you might want to consider showcasing a top-shelf whiskey; you don’t even necessarily have to offer a discount!

Celebrate your favourite foods this August

These food holidays not only give you the opportunity to increase revenue, but they allow you to showcase your restaurant’s personality. While driving up traffic is naturally a key motivation for participating in one of these events, don’t forget to have fun. If you’re having fun with it, so will your customers. It may even become something they look forward to every year. 

Megan Prevost is a contributing writer for RestoBiz and a Content Manager for MustHaveMenus. Her work has also appeared in App Institute, Bar Business, Modern Restaurant Management, Small Business Currents, PMQ, FSR, The Daily Fandom, and FanSided.