5 food holidays to celebrate in May

There is plenty to celebrate this spring, from Cinco de Mayo to Mother’s Day, but what about adding some creative food holidays to your restaurant celebrations? Featuring a food holiday in your bar or at your restaurant is a great way to drive traffic on slower mid-week days, give your regulars another reason to return, and draw in a whole new crowd.

To make the most of the holidays, choose one per month to mix it up, give staff and guests something to look forward to, and keep it manageable for your teams and kitchen.

May 6: Crepes Suzette Day

While Crepes Suzette may not be a regular on your menu, here’s an opportunity to introduce the dish to your guests. Not interested in this variation? Make the holiday your own with the crepes of your choice and serve up some of your favourites.

Whether you’re choosing sweet or savoury, incorporate seasonal produce paired with complementing toppings for your take on this dish, or go all out with a create-your-own crepe bar that everyone can enjoy!

May 10: Shrimp Day

This holiday may offer you an opportunity to feature an ingredient that isn’t usually on the menu, while upping your guest cheque totals. You can simply add shrimp to your existing pasta or salad dishes, create something unexpected like shrimp tacos, or design something all your own to celebrate the occasion.

May 16: Pickle Day

Not just a garnish or condiment, pickles get their own occasion to shine! Get creative on your app menu with deep-fried pickles or pickle poutine, add them to pizzas or include them in your Caesars for a fresh and inspired garnish.

Celebrate the occasion by making pickles the star of your menu for the day!

May 17: Walnut Day

Maybe walnuts don’t seem like something to celebrate, but here’s your chance to get creative with this superfood on the menu. Give them their chance to shine with a spiced nut appetizer, add candied walnuts to salads, or make your own pasta with walnut sauce.

Use this opportunity to boost your to-go business by selling slices of walnut bread, butter tarts, walnut blondies, and more. This is a great way to add on, keep customers thinking about your restaurant after they’ve left, and add a possible new revenue stream to your business.

May 26: Cherry Dessert Day

End the month on a sweet note! Offer guests a sense of nostalgia with cherry milkshakes or slushies, feature upscale options like Cherries Jubilee or lava cake, or keep it simple with sundaes and cheesecake.

You may also want to introduce a dessert or drink flight, with a sampler platter that everyone at the table can share. Don’t forget your off-premise diners, here, too – create a dessert that travels well and can be enjoyed by your guests looking to celebrate the occasion at home.

Celebrate May!

These food holidays – and others – allow you to engage your customers with a unique menu and something to celebrate. Plan ahead, advertise your events, and get as many people through the doors as you can throughout the month.