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5 food holidays to celebrate in November, from nachos to French toast

By Megan Prevost

With the end of the year approaching fast, it’s time to celebrate the last of the food holidays in November. Strap in for a sweet month because we’ve got lots of sugary holidays on the docket!

Celebrating a food holiday is a great way to introduce new menu items and specials while also attracting customers, new and old. To successfully celebrate one of these holidays, you’ll have to put some time and effort into advertising. Of course, you can rely on people stumbling into your restaurant for the average lunch or dinner, but the point is to attract more customers.

To do so, you can use print advertising strategies such as hanging flyers or using table tents, or you can turn to digital methods, like social media posts. Typically, combining both strategies will get you the best results.

November 6: Nachos Day

If you love nachos (and who doesn’t), this is the holiday for you! November 6 is the perfect time to celebrate your restaurant’s love for melted cheese, crunchy chips, and a multitude of toppings. For this holiday, survey your customers to see what types of nachos they love the most, and feature the fan favourites! Or you could create a brand-new dish to showcase. You could even opt for a nacho flight if you want to get fancy. This holiday is most suited to sports bars and pubs, but any restaurant can dish out a supreme plate of nachos for the holiday if they so choose.

November 8: Cappuccino Day

Coffee shops rejoice! On November 8, it’s time to serve up your favorite cappuccinos. For this holiday, craft some fun Autumn-inspired drinks that will warm up your customers. You can also get creative and try out new varieties or flavours, offering free samples for the fun concoctions you and your staff create throughout the day.

November 16: Fast Food Day

The time has finally come to praise fast food. While it sometimes gets a bad rap, there’s nothing easier than swinging into a drive-through on a road trip or after a busy day at work. To celebrate the customers who keep your fast-food restaurant in business, offer BOGO meals or give out coupons in advance to use on the day. Don’t be afraid to decorate your drive-through windows, sit-down areas, and tip jars for the holiday, too.

November 26: Cake Day

In this case, cake day doesn’t mean your birthday, but you don’t need an excuse to eat cake! This holiday can be celebrated by all types of restaurants, from fast-casual to fine dining. On November 26, showcase your best cakes (or create new ones) for a limited-edition menu. Pair them with different dinner items, and drinks, or create a flight of customer favourites with mini slices. The options here are endless, just as cake should be.

November 28: French Toast Day

French toast is the perfect combination of breakfast and dessert, making it a great option for any meal of the day. From standard French toast to topped and stuffed options, there’s so much you can do to celebrate this end-of-the-month holiday. If your restaurant only serves classic French toast, try mixing it up! If you offer an abundance of different options, try offering a sampler platter for a change.

Have a sweet celebration this November

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, there’s space to make it your own. Be creative and ask your customers for feedback if you’re feeling stuck. Flights are always a good option, as they allow customers to try something new. Deals and discounts will help draw in customers looking to save some money, and specials are a great way to intrigue existing customers that already love what you have to offer. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Megan Prevost is a contributing writer for RestoBiz and a Content Manager for MustHaveMenus. Her work has also appeared in App Institute, Bar Business, Modern Restaurant Management, Small Business Currents, PMQ, FSR, The Daily Fandom, and FanSided.