Kraft Hazelnut

Add flavour and quality with Kraft Hazelnut Spread

As a chef, you’re constantly hunting for ways to add that extra layer of depth, quality, and taste to your menus to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. Leaning on proven and popular brands and products is one surefire way to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the crowd.

One of those products is Kraft Hazelnut Spread.  With the classic taste of roasted hazelnut, skim milk, and a touch of cocoa, the spread is a perfect addition to your menu, ideal for putting a new twist on your old favourites.

A new spin on dessert classics

Nuts in desserts are increasingly common among consumers[i] and meeting this demand is key to capturing your market and becoming a go-to spot for diners. In particular, chocolate and hazelnut are a classic dessert pairing and a surefire win for your restaurant’s menu. In fact, Technomic touts chocolate hazelnut as a “proven favourite” and the company’s research found that chocolate is the most common menu pairing for hazelnut by a long way, at 52.2 per cent.[ii]

Hazelnut spreads are here to stay and are one of the fastest-growing dessert ingredients, growing 18 per cent in foodservice versus the previous year. With Kraft Hazelnut Spread, you can create richly satisfying and innovative desserts at your foodservice establishment.

And with the holiday season around the corner, why not tap into some trending recipes to offer your diners some indulgent, festive treats? Here’s some inspiration for you!

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

Decadent cheesecake swirled with Kraft Hazelnut Spread on a gingerbread crust.

Cinnamon Churros with Chocolate Hazelnut Dipping Sauce

Serve warm, cinnamon churros with a dipping sauce of Kraft Hazelnut Spread, warmed.

Hazelnut Hand Pie

Fill puff pastry with Kraft Hazelnut Spread and orange zest; seal into mini pies, then bake until crispy; dust with powdered sugar and serve with more spread as dipping sauce.

Hazelnut-Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake

Spread fluffy chocolate-hazelnut mousse (made with Kraft Hazelnut Spread) between rich chocolate cake layers; top with chopped hazelnuts and fresh raspberries.

Ginger-Spiced Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Combine cookie batter enriched with Kraft Hazelnut Spread, choco-chips, ground ginger and coarse sea salt; bake until soft and chewy.

Drink in the quality

Hazelnut isn’t just for desserts, though. In fact, ahead of the likes of crepes, breakfasts, gelatos, waffles, and cakes, it is most commonly being seen on menus as a drink topping.[iii]

Hazelnut “Hot” Cocoa

With 40 per cent of Canadian consumers[iv] finding sweet and spicy flavour combinations appealing, why not dial up the heat on your holiday cocoa?

Heat whole milk, add Kraft Hazelnut Spread and whisk until combined; add a generous pinch of cayenne; garnish with a cinnamon stick.

A high-class savoury addition

While desserts, drinks, and sweet treats are classic ways to use the decadent taste of hazelnut, hazelnut has lots to offer across an entire menu. Hazelnut is a convenient way to add a touch of class to your savoury menu, and its usage on menus is found most often in fine dining establishments (25.9 per cent) followed by midscale (25.6 per cent) and fast-casual (24.2 per cent).[v]

The classic taste of hazelnut is also being found paired with less obvious tastes such as pear, cheese, amaretto, cream cheese, carrots, beets, duck, mushrooms, and pickles. In fact, several savoury menu items are some of the fastest-growing ingredients being paired with hazelnut on menus. As well as pumpkin, which lends itself well to being combined with hazelnut in desserts and soups, mussels, ricotta, sunchoke, and matcha all have 200 per cent growth when it comes to hazelnut pairings.[vi]

Kraft Hazelnut Spread is one of those products that practically guarantees success, beloved by consumers and packed with craveable flavour and rich texture. Thanks to the product’s versatility, it’s possible to leverage the sublime, decadent spread across your entire menu selection.

Elevate your breakfast offerings, innovate your dessert menu, or simply create some indulgent snacks and treats for customers to take on the go – Kraft Hazelnut Spread’s versatility means the possibilities are endless! It’s a convenient way to offer customers the rich taste of hazelnut across your menu.

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