Alberta indoor dining

Alberta indoor dining back on the table from June 10

Alberta indoor dining can reopen from June 10 as the province moves into Stage 2 of its summer restart plan.

Restaurants may resume offering indoor dining with up to six people at a table from Thursday.

Alberta dining rooms have been shut down for two months, since the province re-tightened its COVID-19 restrictions on April 9. That was the third time since March 2020 that provincial restaurants have been forced to close their doors. Alberta indoor dining had previously reopened two months ago, on February 8.

In late May, the Alberta government had announced that outdoor dining could restart again with a maximum of four people per table on June 1.

Just nine days later, with the province having already met the threshold of 60 per cent of people aged 12 or older receiving their first vaccine dose and fewer than 500 people in hospital with COVID-19-related illness, it is moving into Stage 2 of its new reopening plan.

The reopening of Alberta indoor dining reopening is the latest easing of restrictions for restaurants in Canada.

From Friday, June 11, Ontario patios are reopening for outdoor dining. Meanwhile, Quebec patio dining reopened on Friday, May 28 as the province-wide curfew was lifted after nearly five months, and British Columbia reopened for indoor dining at limited capacity on May 25 for the first time in two months.

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