Are you using your dessert menu to boost takeout business?

In today’s crowded takeout and delivery market, adding delicious desserts to your off-premises menu could be just what you need to stand out from the crowd, improve your dining experience, and maximize those margins.

Dining trends have shifted, with as many as 52 per cent of consumers ordering food to go online on a monthly basis. Featuring Hershey desserts on your menu offers you the chance to hit that sweet spot and drive higher cheque averages.

According to Technomic’s recent trend report, 30 per cent of consumers agree that they typically purchase more food when ordering carryout or delivery than when dining in, so that leaves room to add something sweet.

In fact, restaurants that market desserts this way, along with offering bundling options, are a step ahead, with 60 per cent of consumers likely to order desserts as add-ons.

Interestingly, desserts aren’t just for dinner. Almost the same proportion of consumers (60 per cent) are craving and ordering sweets for lunch or mid-afternoon snacks as for dinner (61 per cent). So, focusing on your dessert menu could benefit your business all day long.  

Your guests deserve something special! Almost half of consumers order desserts for pick-up and delivery to “treat themselves,” sweetening your bottom line at the same time by an average of $6 per cheque. When those treats are branded, consumers are willing to pay up to $1.50 more, and Hershey-branded desserts are ordered almost twice as much as their competition.

If your dessert menu is a hit, they’ll come back for more. 70 per cent of Gen Z-ers and 63 per cent of millennials say they will return to a restaurant to reorder a Hershey-brand dessert that they’ve enjoyed, increasing repeat business and loyalty for your restaurant.

It’s time to make your restaurant a go-to to-go dessert destination. With over 125 years of experience, Hershey brings branded products your customers know and love to your takeout and delivery menu, providing a better dining experience, driving sales, and encouraging repeat visits to your restaurant.

Hershey is not just about desserts! From toppings to baking ingredients to specialty beverage options, Hershey Foodservice has the recipe for success that your restaurant, ice cream, or coffee shop needs. For more info on how Hershey can help add value and increase repeat customers for your business, please contact Denise Deacey, Customer Sales Executive for Canada at [email protected] or by phone at 416-575-7347, or browse products here.

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