A&W bacon: From Quebec, for Quebec

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A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. announced that Quebec-based A&W restaurants will now serve bacon from Quebec, from pork that is raised without the use of antibiotics. Naturally smoked and without any artificial preservatives, A&W bacon is available on many of its menu items, including the breakfast menu and the famous Teen Burger.

“At A&W, we want to offer Quebecers what they want and that starts with good ingredients. Now, when someone from Quebec enjoys bacon on one of our burgers from the Burger Family line-up or one of our breakfast options, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that it’s bacon from Quebec. Not only is it savoury and delicious, it’s bacon from pork raised without the use of antibiotics,” states Susan Senecal, President and Chief Operating Officer of A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. “Quebec pork has the reputation of being a high quality product and we are so pleased to bring it to our guests.”

In Quebec, a really great burger starts with really great ingredients

This A&W initiative meets specific expectations Quebec consumers have with regards to taste and quality. According to research conducted by QRI International, an independent research firm, Quebecers prioritize taste when making their food choices. In fact, Quebecers rank taste higher (64 per cent) than the rest of Canada (48 per cent).

The introduction of Quebec bacon in Quebec A&W restaurants is part of a “tailored” approach widely favoured by Ms. Senecal. Hailing from Quebec herself, she is well aware of the distinct preferences of the provinces’ clients and carefully caters to their needs.

“Quebec consumers distinguish themselves from the rest of Canada by putting their penchant for great taste and great ingredients at the forefront. To better meet their expectations, our operations, development and marketing teams are based in Montreal. It’s in this same spirit of collaboration, that our partners, advertising agency, public relations and design firms are also based in Quebec,” adds Ms. Senecal.

The A&W guarantee: Fully committed to bringing consumers the quality, great-tasting ingredients they seek

  • SEPTEMBER 2013: A&W becomes the first national chain of burger restaurants to serve beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids and free of preservatives and additives.
  • OCTOBER 2014: A&W becomes the first North American fast-food chain to only serve chicken raised without the use of antibiotics and fed a grain-based vegetarian diet as well as eggs from hens fed a diet free of animal by-products.
  • JANUARY 2015: A&W offers organic fair trade coffee exclusively blended and roasted for A&W by Quebec-based Van Houtte, Master Roasters since 1919.
  • FEBRUARY 2016: A&W becomes the first North American chain to serve bacon from pork raised without the use of antibiotics.
  • OCTOBER 2016: A&W announces that all A&W Quebec restaurants will serve Quebec bacon from pork raised without the use of antibiotics.

For more information regarding the A&W guarantee, visit: lagarantieaw.ca

A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. is 100 per cent Canadian owned and is one of the strongest brand names in the Canadian food service industry. A&W is the nation’s second largest hamburger restaurant company with 860 locations across the country. From coast-to-coast, A&W is a leader in the Canadian burger industry, serving beef raised without the use of steroids or hormones, chicken raised without the use of antibiotics, eggs from hens fed a vegetarian diet without animal by-products, and pork raised without the use of antibiotics. A&W Restaurants feature famous trade-marked menu items such as The Burger Family, and A&W Root Beer. For more information, please visit aw.ca.

A&W has more than 125 locations in Quebec. Visit awfranchise.ca to know more.

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