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Bar Connect: Automating restaurant operations for the new world

Restaurant and bar operators are faced with an increasing need to streamline their operations better than ever before. At a time when the margins have become thinner and the pressure has become more intense, let Bar Connect take some of the load.

Bar Connect is a tool that helps operators create a safer space, reduce food waste, lower labour costs, increase table turnover, entice staff to join, and provide faster service. The process starts with automatic COVID-19 verification and registration of customers, which allows for more efficient and personal welcomes at front of house.

Real-time tools

The key is the all-around real-time capabilities offered to management, staff, and customers alike.

Guests access Bar Connect by downloading and registering on their phone. They then sign in at any Bar Connect system restaurant, scan a QR code, and order in their own time and convenience. Guests waiting in line can order ahead, giving the kitchen a headstart to minimize the time from sit-down to items being on the table. A number of contacts can be eliminated by having beverages and appetizers on the table as guests enter.

Bar Connect also encourages direct messaging through a system that alerts guests when their food and beverages are on their way and reminds them that “masks on is the safest”.

There is a strong customizability, too. If customers want more condiments or napkins, they can text directly to the server station. Equally, if they do not want a particular component of a meal, such as coleslaw, they can remove it and avoid using valuable time and resources on preparation on food items that would be wasted.

The system also offers live menu updates, meaning staff don’t have to worry about remembering all the specials or deals. Customers will be aware if items are sold out, as management is able to make real-time edits to the menu, hiding sold-outs and thus eliminating trips back to the table

Increased efficiencies

All this and more helps to trim the time guest are waiting, thus increasing table turnovers and, ultimately, boosting volume, revenue, and tips.

While the physical experience is still there – servers welcome guests by name, bring food, take payment – Bar Connect also greatly reduces the number of contacts that are necessary. That in turn increases staff and guest safety by limiting exposure, as well as further saving time and quickening turnover by eliminating the need for staff to run table walk-bys. Staff can focus on what matters most – serving guests.

Bar Connect offers low start-up costs, and a 20 cents per order fee or a bulk $1.00 per table per day, no stand-by fee, and an easy and fast system to set up. The company projects that its 20-cent charge is returned to the restaurant by at least $2 in their cost savings – a no-brainer for restaurateurs. Upon signing up, Bar Connect will get a restaurant online, work with the operator to create a customized menu and ordering system, send the necessary supplies, and help management get to know the system.

Experience up to 50 per cent quicker table turnover and 90 per cent reduced contacts with staff and the Bar Connect system working in tandem, creating a seamless, highly efficient dining experience.

Your guests will truly appreciate the extras Bar Connect gives. 

Reach Bar Connect at or CEO Bob Smale at 519.494.6771 or for more information, or visit

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