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Bar Connect: Safer dining at full capacity

With the foodservice industry finally returning to full capacity in many provinces and other pandemic health measures such as mask mandates and proof of vaccination being dropped in many jurisdictions, restaurant operators, staff, and diners need to know they are in the safest environment possible.

In a world in which the standards of health, safety, and privacy are higher than ever before, owners and operators and workers can only do so much, particularly during a time when many establishments have been short of staff.

Integrated tools like Bar Connect can help you navigate the stresses and strains of returning to full-capacity indoor operations by streamlining health and safety processes for increased efficiencies and ultimately higher profitability.

Safeguarding your restaurant

Made for the new normal, Bar Connect’s messaging system has COVID-19 contact tracing directly built into the system, with customer safety and privacy held in the highest regard. The system acts as a contact tracer, phone numbers and email addresses are stored securely and kept confidential, and Paypal takes care of payment security. 

It all starts at the entry point. Bar Connect offers automatic COVID-19 verification and registration of customers, which allows for more efficient and personal welcomes at the front of house.

Meanwhile, for those restaurants that are still asking for proof of vaccination, Bar Connect reduces the hassle and stress with an automatic verification system of vaccination certificates. These certificates and thumbnails are double- and triple-checked for a safe and efficient automatic registration process. That information is automatically made available to staff at service stations or the maitre-d’ station so staff can properly address customers and make them feel more welcome, more known, and more respected. That also boosts staff loyalty and yields higher tips.

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Waiting or once inside, customers order, message, and pay directly from their phones in a smooth process which ultimately eliminates nearly 90 per cent of contact touchpoints, thus drastically limiting the chances of exposure.

“Besides all of the contacts we just eliminated – printing and handing out menus, contact time to take and deliver the order – we also have the capability for the server to send the message back to the table that we’re coming to your table, masks on is safest,” says CEO Bob Smale. “We increase staff safety because we cut down the number of contacts.” 

Short-staffed? Streamline with Bar Connect

Do you have guests waiting in line or at the bar now that you are back at a fuller capacity? Are you still short of front-of-house staff? No problem: the digital Bar Connect tool is everywhere in your restaurant all of the time to lighten the load on busy staff and dining rooms. Capable of handling hundreds of requests per minute, the system gives everyone in your restaurant a “me first” service.

Upon arrival, diners can scan a QR code, browse the menu, and place their order, giving the kitchen a headstart to minimize the time between guests entering and items being on the table. Once seated, you can easily transfer their order to that table.

“By assisting your staff, we ensure that they can handle more tables, which equates to more volume, more revenue, and more tips,” says Smale.

All these features not only result in a safer and more confident customer, but also free up valuable time for staff so they can handle more tables and focus on what matters most – providing a first-class guest experience.

The ultimate all-in-one tool

Along with Bar Connect’s other key features, which help to reduce food waste, lower labour costs, speed up service, and increase table turnover, the tool is the perfect way to maximize the potential of your restaurant’s operations.

“Consumers consuming makes you money; guests waiting wastes time and dollars with zero return for your restaurant,” adds Smale. “We minimize that waste and that expense. If your restaurant is at 100 per cent capacity, we can help increase your capabilities to 140 per cent.”

If this sounds like a perfect solution for your restaurant, why wait?

Get started today!

Bar Connect walks you through every step of the way. Once you’ve signed up, the team gets your restaurant online, works with you to create a customized menu and ordering system, sends you the necessary supplies, and helps you get to know the system.

Bar Connect offers low start-up costs and a 20 cents-per-order fee or a bulk $1 per table per day, no stand-by fee, and an easy and fast system to set up. The company projects that its 20-cent charge is returned to the restaurant by at least $2 in their cost savings. All those extra efficiencies and reduced waste points add up!

Your guests will truly appreciate the extra safety, security, and efficiency that Bar Connect offers. 

Reach Bar Connect at or reach CEO Bob Smale at 519.494.6771 or for more information.

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