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Bar Connect’s Take In: redefining your dining operation

For so many operators in Canada’s foodservice industry in 2022, the future will be a hybrid of the pre-pandemic emphasis on the indoor dining experience and the increasingly digitized stream of off-premises consumption that surged in prominence during the pandemic.

Balancing these two focuses will be a challenging task for restaurants, particularly alongside the perpetual tests of maximizing revenue, balancing the books by streamlining operations, and getting the most out of your staff.

In the face of these challenges, integrated tools like Bar Connect can help you make the most of your operations to increase efficiencies and ultimately ensure higher profitability.

The ultimate all-in-one tool

Bar Connect’s key automation features help to reduce food waste, lower labour costs, speed up service, and increase table turnover, serving as the perfect all-in-one to maximize the potential of your restaurant.

And now, Bar Connect introduces Take In, a new innovative concept that is a life-changer for food and beverage establishments.

Take In serves as part takeout operation, part dining room experience and helps to ensure that all seating in your restaurant translates to consumption and therefore to revenue, with no opportunity wasted during service.

“Consumers consuming equals profit for your restaurant,” says BarConnect CEO Bob Smale. “Guest waiting wastes time and dollars with zero return for your restaurant – wasted time is on your dime. We minimize that waste and that expense.”

Bar Connect’s system facilitates early and remote ordering that is sent directly to the maître d’ for full control of the process. Orders are then released to the kitchen in order to have beverages, breads, and appetizers arrive at the table perfectly in time for guests to be seated. The smooth flow and ongoing digital service save large amounts of time that allow others to be served and revenue to be maximized on the restaurant floor, with up to 40 per cent more guests consuming versus a standard dining service.

This provides a big win for your establishment, increasing your capability to well beyond what you thought was 100 per cent seating capacity, up to 140 per cent.

Not only is it a big win for your bottom line and your diners, but it suits your staff, too. With more table turnover there are more tips, so you can be sure you’re sending your staff home happy.

Efficiency and safety

Made for the new normal, Bar Connect’s core focuses are on maximizing the efficiency and safety of your operation.

It all starts from the front, where guests can register on their phone, sign in, scan a QR code, and order at their convenience. Guests can browse the menu and even place their order before being seated, giving the kitchen a headstart to minimize the time between guests entering and items being on the table and ultimately eliminating nearly 90 per cent of contact touchpoints, thus drastically limiting the chances of exposure. Once seated, staff can easily transfer their order to that table – no misused time or resources and no wasteful printing or cleaning of physical menus.

Bar Connect also encourages direct messaging through a system that alerts guests when their food and beverages are on their way, and which also has COVID-19 contact tracing directly built into the system, with customer safety and privacy held in the highest regard.

“If we give the kitchen a 15- or 20-minute headstart and choreograph with the staff on the floor at that time, we can literally have beverages, bread, and the first course on the table when the customer sits down,” says Smale. “By assisting your staff, we ensure that they can handle more tables, which equates to more volume, more revenue, and more tips!”

Get started today!

If this sounds like a perfect solution for your restaurant, why wait?

Bar Connect walks you through every step of the way. Once you’ve signed up, the team gets your restaurant online, works with you to create a customized menu and ordering system, sends you the necessary supplies, and helps you get to know the system.

Bar Connect offers low start-up costs and a 20 cents-per-order fee or a bulk $1 per table per day, no stand-by fee, and an easy and fast system to set up. The company projects that its 20-cent charge is returned to the restaurant by at least $2 in their cost savings. All those extra efficiencies and reduced waste points add up!

Your guests will truly appreciate the extra safety, security, and efficiency that Bar Connect and its Take In tool offers. 

Reach Bar Connect at or reach CEO Bob Smale at 519.494.6771 or for more information.

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