Better-for-you frozen desserts

By Lucia Weiler
No need to skip dessert! Gelato and sorbetto are the perfect gourmet alternatives with numerous nutritional benefits.

Very popular in Europe and growing at a fast pace in North America, these frozen Italian treats are no longer considered a “temptation” but rather a customer favourite, taking the frustration and monotony out of some restricted-calorie diets. With less fat than ice cream and infused with spices, herbs and flowers or many other trendy ingredients, gelato and sorbetto combine both healthy attributes and artisanal flavours.

As with all desserts, presentation is key. These frozen treats can be scooped, layered in a cake, offered as a soft serve or even enjoyed on a stick as a frozen pop. Made with authentic and fresh ingredients, such as whole milk and cream (gelato) and fruits and juices (sorbetto), these products also leave room for customization and adaptation to various diets. Dairy-free, sugar-free, low-calorie, gluten-free, vegan or Kosher-certified formulations are all possible.

Creamy or refreshing, gelato and sorbetto are an upcoming trend for 2015. They can be found in food trucks as a panini gelato (an on-the-go solution), in restaurants as an affogato (a combination of coffee and gelato) or as a plated dessert.  In cafés, they may be served blended in a smoothie or milkshake, while soft-serve shops serve them swirled and topped as desired. With an increasing number of exciting flavours available – from amaretto to mango – children and adults alike can once again indulge in high-end frozen desserts … guilt free!

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