Beverage demand from consumers drives takeout and delivery menus

We’ve seen many changes to consumer preferences since the pandemic, and beverage demands are the latest addition to this list, driving a shift in restaurant delivery and takeout menus.

With the growth of third-party takeout and delivery orders up 63 per cent from pre-pandemic days, this is an important market to consider. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are gaining momentum, showing up on about 10 per cent of all takeout and delivery orders. Broken down, Gen Z orders beverages about five per cent of the time that they order from a third-party provider; for millennials, that nearly triples to about 13 per cent.

On average, people are ordering food from restaurants four to five times per month, with carryout accounting for 19 per cent and delivery making up 13 per cent of full-service restaurant sales. Nearly two-thirds of Gen Z and three-quarters of millennials say that takeout and delivery are essential to the way they live, so if you want to compete in this space, you may need to up your game. If you want to start small, consider offering LTOs or seasonal options to boost initial interest in your beverage menu.

Restaurants are responding to these demands by offering more beverages as part of their third-party delivery. 60 per cent of restaurants (up 15 per cent from 2019) are now offering alcoholic beverages and 82 per cent are now offering non-alcoholic beverages (up 49 per cent from 2019) on their to-go menus.

Beverage delivery can be a tricky endeavour for restaurants. Without proper packaging, there’s a risk that the order might spill or leak and ensuring that beverages arrive at the right temperature is important for diners to enjoy their takeout experience.

Staying ahead of the curve with a progressive, consumer-driven takeout and delivery menu is an opportunity to respond to demand, boost your cheque average, and drive revenue for your restaurant.