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The first national soft drink brand of Mexico, Jarritos started in 1950 as a cold, carbonated coffee-flavoured soda. They soon moved on to fruitier options, introducing selections like lime and fruit punch.

Founded by accomplished chemist Don Francisco Hill, Jarritos stands for “little jugs,” a name after the tradition of serving fruit-flavoured aguas frescas in cooling clay jugs. To give back to nearby communities as the brand went international, Jarritos made a point to support sustainability and local farmers by using locally grown fruits instead of importing ingredients from anywhere else.

Made with natural flavours and fresh cane sugar, while being fizzier than the average soda, Jarritos soon became the leading Mexican soft drink brand in its home country and the United States, eventually moving into Canadian markets as well. In fact, over 1,500 bottles of Jarritos are exported every minute overall. Ten fruit flavours coming into Canada include the original three (mandarin, lime and fruit punch) plus fan favourites like strawberry, mango, pineapple and grapefruit.

Branding & Buzzing will manage Jarritos Canadian digital marketing and experiential events. The digital marketing will consist of branded and sponsored content while experiential events will involve immergence into major Canadian food festivals. With the brand’s social media debut already launched, fans and foodservice industry members will see Jarritos come to life online through influencer marketing Instagram programs, creative creations from bartenders and mixologists plus collaborations with restaurateurs through media events and unique activations.

“We are going to have some serious fun introducing this playful beverage,” commented Branding & Buzzing President Sean Beckingham, “the colour, the bottle and especially the taste – look out, Canada!” As it is distributed by JL international Canada-wide, a supplier of quality brands like Clover Leaf, Sun Orchard Juicery and David’s Tea, Jarritos will also be bringing the fizzy goodness of more out-of-the ordinary flavours like guava and tamarind to events and restaurants across the provinces.

“Throughout the process of finding the right AOR for Jarritos, we thought Branding & Buzzing was the best fit,” explained Judy Yu, Marketing Manager at JL International. “One of the key factors was that they provided the most amount of transparency in making sure that we understood the services that would be provided by going through each one with us. What they came up with in terms of creatives and the best direction for the Jarritos brand in the Canadian market were the most fitting.”

A major on Jarritos’ delivery list is leading restaurateur Andrew Richmond. As a co-owner of Toronto hotspots like La Carnita, Home of the Brave and Sweet Jesus, Richmond knows all about discovering up-and-coming desirable tastes in the food product market.

“The reason that we took Jarritos in-house is that it’s unique in relation to everything else that’s available in the soft drink marketplace,” he explained.

“In fact, we use some of them in our cocktails. My personal favourite is the grapefruit which has a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Jarritos overall is packaged in such an interesting way and the flavours are so distinctive. Even commonly found flavours (ex. strawberry) are compelling yet very versatile.”

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