Bread brings in the dough as most featured side dish

Bread tops the list as the most popular type of side dish in Canadian restaurants, with 398 appearances on menus. For breakfast, some of the leading side bread options include bagels, English muffins and toast. Later in the day, breads such as garlic bread, cheese bread and biscuits are ordered as sides to entrées. Other popular breads listed as sides on Canadian menus include muffins, croissants, pastries and doughnuts.

Fries are also a popular side item, listed 321 times on Canadian menus. Many restaurants offer some variation of fries as a side option, ranging from regular French fries to indulgent poutines. In particular, poutine is a popular comfort‐food addition to menus. Venues list everything from traditional poutine with cheese curds and gravy to upscale varieties like Charcut Roast House’s duckfat‐fried poutine with cheese curds and truffle gravy.

Non‐breaded vegetables and fruits are popular “better‐for‐you” side options on Canadian menus. Leading non‐breaded vegetables on menus include mixed veggies, mushrooms, spinach and corn. Many of these vegetables are cooked using healthful preparations like steaming, grilling or sautéing. A variety of Canadian chains offer non‐breaded seasonal vegetables as a side, including Boston Pizza, Earls Kitchen + Bar, East Side Mario’s and Joey’s Seafood Restaurants. Also viewed as healthy options, fruit dishes, from apple slices to fruit and yogurt parfaits, are often offered as sides. Fruit cups are another popular side option, available on the menus of many chains including Albert’s Family Restaurants, Blenz Coffee, Normandin and White Spot Restaurant.

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