Breakfast sales continue to rise and shine

As more and more Canadians return to the office, breakfast is gaining momentum for commuters. QSRs are benefiting from increased morning traffic that’s ramping up breakfast sales and boosting their bottom lines. 34 per cent of Canadians don’t want to cook breakfast for themselves, and 40 per cent say they eat outside the house in the morning, so adding breakfast to the menu may help capture that market.

Grab and go

Convenience stores are a popular choice for stops on the way to work, with stores reporting a 92 per cent growth in the sales of breakfast sandwiches in the last two years. Rather than commuters stopping at their local convenience stores, restaurants can compete by providing grab-and-go options for customers still working from home or people wanting to stop by as they are headed to work.

Don’t want to jump right in? Consider testing out high-quality coffee and ready-made sandwiches that can be easily purchased and limit the stress on your kitchen to see if there’s a demand you can meet.

Sweet treats

Breakfast orders have increased 13 per cent in the last few years, making it the fastest-growing daypart – and with pastry sales rising 3.4 per cent in the last year, many Canadians are looking to treat themselves with muffins, scones, croissants, and dessert breads. These items can often be sourced from a supplier to be able to offer this to your customers quickly and simply through the morning rush.

Unique menu items

QSRs are getting creative with their breakfast menus, testing out items they think will help them stand out from the competition. Wendy’s has expanded its breakfast offerings, adding French toast sticks and other popular items. Tim Horton’s has their maple bacon lineup and A&W has added a whole roster of morning items to their Canadian menus.

With so many dietary restrictions, you may want to include gluten-free, plant-based, or vegan options into your offerings so there’s something for everyone.

Ready to get creative with your breakfast menu? Consider incorporating trends like pesto, matcha, global flavours, chorizo, and more. LTOs are also a great way to showcase popular flavours or ingredients, too, attracting attention to new menu items, and encouraging visits before items disappear from the menu.

Adding breakfast items may seem daunting if you don’t already have them, take advantage of this opportunity to raise revenues by starting slowly, embracing the trends, and making it work for your restaurant.