Today’s Tip: Building brand awareness

By David Swanston
September 20, 2011

Independent op

Branded takeout container

erators often overlook a simple yet powerful marketing opportunity available to them each and every day. Placing the business name, logo and contact information on everyday items such as carryout containers, mints and napkins are simple ways to strengthen brand awareness. When people see a customer carrying a branded take-out bag, it acts as an indirect testimonial for the business. This helps create interest and builds volume for the business, as well as providing existing customers with constant reminders of their last dining experience.

While professionally printing items with the businesses logo will look professional, it can be costly if small volumes are required. Simple and cost effective methods can be utilized in-house to achieve a similar effect. Employees can brand items using ink stamps or pre-printed labels. With the technology available today, almost any operation can achieve professional results without breaking the bank.

Courtesy of David Swanston, a Hospitality and Foodservice Consultant, Principal of Focused Industry Training Seminars and is an instructor at major Canadian university business schools. Since 1997 he has helped a wide variety of organizations develop and launch new concepts, turn around troubled operations, and improve sales, profits, controls and efficiency. To learn more about how he can help you improve your sales, profits and performance, contact him directly at 905.331.6115 or

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