Caffeinated Kindness: Toronto cafés encourage customers to pay it forward

Press Release

Happening August 7th at 11 independent cafés across the city, #BuyTOaCoffeeDay has been kick-started by an anonymous benefactor to encourage Torontonians to appreciate small acts of kindness and pay them forward to others in their community.

What’s Happening

Eleven coffee shops will be giving away a total of 1,100 coffees (or teas) to the first patrons through the doors. Each individual café will start with 100 coffees to give away. The complimentary caffeine hit comes with just one simple catch: each person to receive a free coffee is asked to pay the kindness forward to another. Why? Toronto is having a tough summer and needs a good news story.


9 Bars Coffee, 46 St Clair Ave East

Mos Mos Coffee, 20 Bay St

Fahrenheit Coffee, 120 Lombard Street

Dineen Coffee, 140 Yonge Street

Dark Horse Espresso, 630 Queen Street East

Strange Love Coffee, 101 Spadina Avenue

Lit Espresso Bar, 1517 Bayview Avenue

UB Social Café, 3015 Dundas Street West

Hounslow’s House, 70A Hounslow Heath Road

The Big Guy’s Little Coffee Shop, 2861 Lake Shore Blvd. West

Black Gold Café, 2101 Brimley Road

SOURCE #BuyTOaCoffeeDay

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