Can TikTok help your restaurant attract new visitors?

Social media has been an effective tool for several years now, with Facebook and Instagram becoming an important part of marketing strategies, but what value can TikTok bring to your restaurant?

Build your brand

All social media platforms can help you increase your brand recognition, but TikTok appeals specifically to foodies. Studies show that the hashtag #foodtok has been viewed over 6.5 billion times, and that’s your target audience! So, there’s a real opportunity to get new eyes on your content and get attention for your restaurant in a market already filled with foodies.

Posting interesting, engaging content can even encourage a new crowd of customers, as studies show that 30 per cent of people have traveled further than usual to try out a restaurant they saw on TikTok. With some of the other platforms, you really need to pay for advertising or boost your posts to reach a large crowd, but TikTok offers much higher engagement rates than Facebook or Instagram without investing advertising dollars.

Attract new visitors

TikTok’s users span across most age groups, with 38.5 per cent of users aged 18 to 24, so you can reach thousands of viewers with just a quick video. Also, as you post more content, you can capture community attention with the location tagging feature, allowing you to come up in local restaurant searches.

38 per cent of TikTok users across all generations have visited a restaurant after seeing a TikTok post about it and for Millenials, that stat grows to 53 per cent. While it started as a music platform, food is a popular topic of conversation on TikTok so give the people what they want!

Get creative

Marketing on Facebook and Instagram is likely familiar to you, so maybe it’s time to up your game and get out of your comfort zone. TikTok is all about sharing videos, so while you may be posting static posts and blogs, here’s a way to appeal to your customers in a new way. Consider videos of a busy kitchen, plating, new menu items, LTOs, and more. By simply filming with your phone, you can create and post content that will appeal to TikTok’s foodie audience.

If you’re not familiar with the TikTok space, spend some time perusing the platform, check out your competition, and search viral hashtags to see what appeals to your demographic. Once you film your videos, you can add sounds, songs, special effects, and filters to get the effect you’re looking for.

While you are likely posting content on some of the other social media channels, TikTok offers the opportunity for your restaurant to attract new customers, build your brand, and for you to better your marketing strategy.