Canadian chefs and cooks to gather in Charlottetown – June 10 to 14, 2018

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Canadian chefs and cooks will unite at the birthplace of confederation this June to mark a year of change and progress, with the launch of a new brand and logo and a refreshed mandate for growth, inclusivity and harnessing the passion of culinarians across the country.

President Simon Smotkowicz is looking forward to gathering with colleagues and friends to shape the next steps for the federation: “When we gather, my aim is that we will supercharge our collective passion for cooking, for mentoring and being mentored. Through seminars and workshops, we aim to ignite discussion, and drive innovative ideas that members will be able to take back to their businesses, their employees or their classrooms.”

Canadian chefs make an annual pilgrimage to a different culinary city each year to explore the culinary traditions of the region, to try great Canadian food and beverage and to experience a different part of our great nation. Last year, Calgary was our host city. “This year, we’re heading to the East Coast to experience some down home hospitality,” says Smotkowicz.

“Being a culinarian is about bringing your passion to work and about sharing that passion with others so travelling across the country for hospitality and shared experiences fuels us – and inspires us – so that we pass that on to our guests. We are looking forward to experiencing the hospitality of our hosts in Prince Edward Island, also known as “Canada’s Food Island”.

The conference agenda includes:

  • Culinary skills development workshops (butchery, cheese-making, sustainable seafood, dessert plating)
  • National Culinary Competitions (Junior and Senior) + Culinary Team Challenge
  • Partner Showcase (local chefs are welcome)
  • President’s Dinner curated by the local chef community
  • Socials and Networking

The world of work is changing – and so are each of our roles as chefs and cooks. In relaunching our brand, the Culinary Federation is responding to both external and internal opportunities to grow and change. “Our members are up to the challenge – we feel that engaging in leadership and growth opportunities for chefs and cooks are the keys to engaging more people in our profession,” says Smotkowicz.

Come join us on “CANADA’S FOOD ISLAND”!

For more information and to register to attend:


  • A national association of professional chefs and cooks, comprised of 23 regional branches in major cities across Canada
  • Current membership of 1500+ active culinary professionals from coast to coast
  • Represents a strong and influential group of chefs with spending power in excess of $100 million annually
  • Member chefs come from a diverse background including multi-unit chains, independent operators, established institution and educational facilities, food manufacturers and food distributors


There is something magical about the landscape of Prince Edward Island. Many visitors compare it to the gentle grace of Ireland and rural England. There seem to be a thousand shades of green, and the rich red soil is unlike any found elsewhere in Canada. The pristine beaches stretch for miles, and it is not unusual to see a farmer working fields to within a few feet of rugged cliffs. Even the trees seem to be richer in texture and hue.

Conference delegates come to P.E.I. to enjoy not only fine meeting and accommodation facilities, but also superb dining in distinctive settings – from traditional mouth-watering lobster suppers to intimate cafes and lively dinner theatres. From just-shucked oysters to wild blueberry ice cream, PEI is truly a food lover’s paradise. Providing a warm and hospitable atmosphere to guests is important and conference delegates always leave the island with wonderful memories to cherish.

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