The Canadian Culinary Federation ramps up for its 2019 National Conference

Press Release

Chefs and cooks from across the country are gathering for the 56th Annual Canadian Culinary Federation (CF) National Conference this coming May 26 to 30. When this dynamic group of professionals comes to town, the goal is to explore the Niagara region through the joint lenses of sustainability and taste by including wine tastings and tours of our rich growing region. On the menu are what’s next in food trends, what’s possible in culinary innovation and the role the industry plays in feeding the country.

The event is a unique gathering of Canada’s culinary community. It brings together established chefs and the stars of tomorrow to test their skills, share ideas, and explore new culinary trends through networking, business development, educational seminars and a one-day product showcase.

New for Niagara, the Culinary Federation is working with the WorldChefs to focus on Sustainability Education for Culinary Professionals. The program teaches chefs how to think and act sustainably, to lead positive change for the planet – and to improve profitability in the kitchen. Choosing our region as the host for the 2019 conference was clear because of the leadership in growing Canadian food, the obvious connection and importance of clean water, the strength of Niagara College’s Culinary Program and innovation behind the Canadian Food and Wine Institute.

Niagara culinarians are welcome to be part of the event by buying a ticket for the Welcome Reception and the President’s Dinner. These evening events feature food and beverage experiences created to represent the Country from Coast to Coast – through the outstanding tastes of Niagara’s bounty.

“I’m looking forward to joining everyone for a week of education and celebration,” says local conference chair, Chef Kira Smith. “Making sustainable choices that are truly and uniquely Canadian is a great mission to embark on here in Niagara.”

About the Culinary Federation

The Canadian Culinary Federation unites chefs and cooks across Canada in common dedication to professional excellence. Since it’s inception in 1963, the association has encouraged professional standards of creativity and performance, and offers a national certification program for chefs, as well as developing and supporting education and training programs, to assist chefs and cooks in the continuing quest for improvement in their professional skills. In addition, there are numerous opportunities to compete on the regional, national and international stage as well get involved in local community and charitable events. Membership in the Culinary Federation is available to anyone who actively seeks to evolve their career paths as a Cook Apprentice, Journeyman Cook, Professional Chef/Cook or Culinary Professional.

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