Canadian diners “fishing” for salmon entrées

According to Technomic’s MenuMonitor database, salmon is the most popular type of fish entrée on Canadian menus by a significant margin. With 145 appearances on menus, salmon is a fish that is served during all dayparts. For example, Angel’s Diner serves a bagel with cream cheese and lox (smoked salmon) for breakfast as well as a fresh Atlantic salmon fillet for lunch and dinner. Salmon is also frequently featured as a “better‐for‐you” option for health‐conscious diners. Beerbistro in Toronto offers a grilled organic salmon entrée with seasonal vegetables as a healthy alternative to its heavier offerings like seafood chowder and a pulled‐pork sandwich.

The second most popular type of fish entrée is fish and chips, appearing 83 times on menus. This traditional dish consists of deep-fried fillets of a white fish (such as cod or haddock) paired with French fries. This common dish appears on a wide range of chain restaurant menus in Canada, such as those of Albert’s Family Restaurants, Angel’s Diner, Dixie Lee and Montana’s Cookhouse.

Some other popular types of fish entrées on restaurant menus are cod and halibut. Abundant in both the Pacific and the Atlantic, cod and halibut are good options for Canadian restaurant chefs who wish to showcase fresh, Canadian‐sourced fish. Cod and halibut, both lean white fish with mild flavour, are also popular due to the many ways in which they can be prepared (including baked, poached, braised, broiled and fried) and seasoned. For instance, The Boathouse serves pan‐seared coconut Pacific cod and blackened Pacific Northwest halibut.

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