Canadian diners wake up to egg dishes and starches for breakfast

The top type of breakfast entrée appearing on Canadian menus is egg dishes. According to Technomic MenuMonitor data, there are 560 listings of egg dishes. The most popular types include eggs Benedict and Florentine, vegetable omelets and skillets. Most operators serving breakfast also offer guests a choice of eggs served any style. A total of 40 menus list any-style eggs.


Also trending are breakfast starches with 491 menu listings. Popular breakfast starch varieties include pancakes, crêpes/blintzes, French toast and waffles, respectively. Operators are getting more creative with breakfast starches, especially in the past quarter, topping starches such as waffles and pancakes with indulgent and craveable ingredients. Cora recently rolled out its Pancakes Aux Biscuits Oreo entrée, featuring three pancakes made with mini Oreo cookies, topped with English cream and served on a bed of chocolate sauce.

Breakfast sandwiches are also gaining ground in the realm of breakfast entrées. Many limited-service operators are introducing breakfast sandwiches as an appealing handheld option for busy, on-the-go diners. Some popular breakfast sandwich ingredients on menus include eggs, cheese, bacon and ham. Consumer concern for health has also influenced the menu development of breakfast sandwiches with better-for-you ingredients like egg whites, avocado and greens appearing more on menus. For example, Cultures introduced a new Egg-Vocado Gourmet Sandwich made with egg salad, avocado, spinach and jalapeño-lime aïoli on a ciabatta roll.

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