Canadian vegan chain Planta expanding in Eastern U.S.

Planta, the Canadian plant-based, full-service restaurant that creates all its own vegan menu items from scratch, is expanding in the United States.

Planta is opening its seventh location in Florida this month, with plans to open more units in the New York and Maryland later this year.

The brand operates four different versions of its concept in Toronto — including Mexican and Asian variations, one that is burger-focused, and a traditional, full-menu Planta.

Its new location in West Palm Beach, Fla. will be its third restaurant in southern Florida later this month and will showcase the concept’s high-end approach to plant-based eating.

“The restaurant is fully vegan, both the interior and the food, but we refer to it as plant-based — everything is from plants,” Steven Salm, founder and CEO, told Nation’s Restaurant News. “The word ‘vegan’ is used to describe a culture or a way of life, and we find that people relate much better to the term ‘plant-based’ because, after all, we are talking about food.”

The menu features the culinary creations of David Lee, executive chef and co-founder, who uses fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to create upscale-leaning dishes that rival their conventional counterparts in flavour, texture, and overall experience, according to Salm.

All menu items, which include plant-based sushi, pizzas made with cashew mozzarella, jackfruit tacos and other fare, including burgers, are made in-house. Beverages include beer, wines and cocktails, cold-pressed juice blends and alcohol-free “anti-intoxicant tonics” dubbed Free Spirits.

“We don’t use any imitation or alternative proteins,” said Salm. “We just focus on whole foods, and focus on what’s good for you and good for the environment.”

Each of Planta’s variations has its own name based on cuisine type. Planta Cocina, with one location in Toronto, offers Adobe Avocado Tacos and other plant-based Mexican dishes; Planta Queen (one each in Toronto and Coconut Grove, Fla.) offers noodles, dumplings and other Asian fare; the smaller Planta Burger in Toronto offers burgers, sides, salads and shakes; and the traditional Planta concept (one location each in Yorkville, Ont., and South Beach, Fla.) offers dishes from multiple cuisines.

The newest location will be a traditional Planta.

The privately-owned company plans to open its first restaurant in New York City in late April or early May, followed by locations in the Bethesda, Md., area later this year.

“We will open wherever we are requested, and we get lots of requests from all over the world, so we are working on it,” said Salm.

In November 2020, the company also introduced Planta at Home, which ships their signature favourites across both Canada and the United States. 

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