Capitalizing on Comfort

As the days shorten and the temperature begins to drop, Canadians have more than a few reasons to cosy up inside and share delicious comfort food with friends and family. It’s clear — comfort food season is upon us, so how can operators capitalize on this growing trend?

Success Starts With Menu Selection

Old is new again and consumers are hungry for nostalgia. Operators looking to freshen up their menus this season and deliver what customers are craving should consider adding new items or dishes that offer comfort. Creating a timely menu that combines familiar dishes with exceptional service can deliver a winning formula for restaurateurs.


Menu analysis is an important part of building a successful restaurant. As you plan your menu, there are several critical factors to consider. Finding the right balance between associated costs, what consumers crave and delivering on expectations with signature dishes is key.

It’s All About the Ingredients

Customers crave warm meals that bring a sense of nostalgia, comfort and adventure, so give them a chance to try different flavours and taste experiences, rooted in something they love — like potatoes. Plus, potato products are a great option because they’re so versatile. For example, we’re seeing a big resurgence in tater tots — it’s a familiar comfort food that really makes people happy, while chefs can use the ingredient as the base for a wide range of signature dishes. You can load them up like nachos — we like to call them “Tot-chos” and even offer a choice of toppings leaving the choice in the hands of the guests — it is a great sharing option. Or, add poutine or loaded fries as part of a sharing experience.

Using homestyle ingredients with craveable classics can help boost the bottom line and even generate organic social content. To satisfy your customer’s need to show off only the cheesiest, savoury and decadent plates on their Instagram, operators can tap in to organic social promotion tactics by adding these items to their menus.

Don’t Forget to Consider Food Trends

Operators should also consider turning up the heat to help keep Canadians warm as the temperatures drop by adding inventive side sauces like Sriracha ketchup, wasabi aioli, or chipotle mayo with French fries or onion rings to boost the spice level in any dish. Whether it’s spicing up a signature dish, adding trendy vegetarian options like Cauliflower bites, or providing nostalgic, feel good foods, McCain has a variety of products to tantalize taste buds.

Including on-trend items offer adventure and excitement, enticing customers to come back to try something new or enjoy some of their favourites while bringing new customers to your door to share the excitement. The payoff for operators: steady traffic and steady revenue.

For operators looking to reduce costs and increase cheque sizes without sacrificing quality, McCain products provide foundational, cost-effective ingredients to create your own signature dishes while delivering the quality your customers expect.

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