How your beer glassware can serve up better profits

By Roger Mittag Glassware is one of those intangible items in hospitality that is often taken for granted. For centuries in North America, beer glassware has not been given a second thought. However, things have changed for the better. Breweries are now developing glassware that is designed to enhance the flavour and aromatic profile of […]

Increasing the profitability of draught beer

By Roger Mittag For as long as I can remember, beer has been ‘just’ beer. It has been refreshingly easy to drink and for the longest time, most beers tasted the same. The harsh reality is that most draught beer purveyors simply didn’t give it a second thought. Sure, we all need draught beer but […]

Beer trends of 2016

By Roger Mittag February 16, 2016 Leave a comment The world of beer is a fascinating place these days. It’s been such a long time since there was so much interest in the beverage from beer consumers, hospitality providers and retailers. With the influx of new brewers at an unheard pace, we are getting more […]

How beer can be a healthy choice

By Roger Mittag December 17, 2015 Tweet For years, we have been hearing about the potential health benefits of wine. When it comes to beer, however, we have heard less about its better-for-you aspects and more about such things as the notorious “beer belly.” This has left many customers wondering: if enjoyed responsibly, can beer really […]

Casual dining restaurants serve up more microbrew beers to combat Canadians’ declining beverage consumption and maximize cheques at every visit.

Casual dining operators are facing a market with no traffic growth and little to no cheque gains (even with inflation), with top chains pulling ahead of independents. On one hand, operators need strategies to drive traffic to high-cheque dayparts like supper. On the other hand, they have to make the most of each visit. The […]