Ready for RTD? The once unloved beverage category has gotten an upgrade

By Samantha Biljan Bars have been offering cocktails on tap for the past decade, as well as pre-batching and freezing larger quantities. But now companies and enterprising restaurateurs alike are taking the concept even further, streamlining the process by having their cocktails bottled and canned in single-serve ready-to-drink (RTD) formats. The reason for all this? […]

Sláinte! A night of Scotch pairings made for a rousing — and carousing — success

Wine pairings tend to get the most attention in hospitality, but what about Scotch? Members of CF Winnipeg were treated to a convincing seminar on the neglected pairing, tasting four rounds of whiskey, each one representative of a method, process and region that make it special. Gary Dawyduk, a product ambassador for the Grant Park […]

What’s new in the spirits world

By Rob Berry and Diana Roberts At the many tasting events we attended over the past year, it was evident that today’s consumers are increasingly well-versed on spirits and cocktails, and definitely know what they want. Based on our observations and conversations, consumers are looking for many qualities in their next adult beverage, from premium […]

An easy way to stock your cocktail menu with one-of-a-kind cocktails

By Gavin MacMillan Leave a comment At times, it can be challenging when you’re working with government-run spirit and liqueur distribution to get specialized spirits and liqueurs.  Working with a limited number of ingredients means a limited number of flavours, and ultimately the number of cocktails.  Genever, Absinthe, Elderflower Liqueur, Maraschino Liqueur, Crème de Violette, […]

Classic cocktails revisited: Shaking up old favourites with new flavours

By Rob Berry June 12, 2015 Leave a comment Classic cocktails are back with a twist. Bartenders are using flavoured bitters, flavoured syrups, seasonal and exotic fruits and vegetables to infuse these classic drinks. Making signature cocktails with in-house infused spirits, fresh fruits, fresh juices, herbs and whatever is seasonal are some of today’s hottest […]

Top types of specialty adult beverages

Martinis are the most popular type of specialty adult beverage on Canadian menus, according to MenuMonitor data. The classic martini is strong and simple, made only from gin and dry vermouth. However, operators are developing specialty martinis, some of which swap out the classic ingredients with other spirits, while others add innovative flavours. For example, […]