Canadians becoming more knowledgeable about wine: Wine Intelligence report

Press Release Canadians are becoming more knowledgeable about wine and more careful about alcohol consumption, according to the latest Wine Intelligence market report. The wine knowledge index (0-100) is calculated based on consumer-reported awareness of wine-producing countries, wine-growing regions and wine brands for all regular wine drinkers in Canada as well as segmented into English-speaking […]

Building your Easter wine list

The right wines with the right dish will take your dinner to the next level Press release All great meals deserve great wines. No matter if you are cooking for yourself or hosting a dinner party, pairing the right wine with your spread will create new flavour experiences that will have you looking at food […]

Wine classifications in Canada: Is it time to change our regulations?

By Jordan Knox The highest classification of wine in Canada is defined by the stamp of the Vintners Quality Alliance or VQA. Seeing this label on a bottle is an indication of certain specifications followed by a winery in producing its product. In recent years, B.C. and Ontario have split the designation with B.C. taking […]

How to create the perfect wine and beverage program

By Zoltan Szabo When constructing a wine and beverage program, there are a number of important factors that come into play. Whether it is budget or knowledge of your clientele, creating a compelling wine list is about more than following trends or setting prices based simply on profit margins. The more you know about the […]

Smaller wineries delivering bigger experiences

By Jordan Knox Take a trip to an artisan winery and you will find more than what is in the bottle. The knowledge of what has gone into the bottle is more than just the pressed grapes that end up in your glass.  The effort that goes into the farming of the grapes; working the […]

Age of change: Why millennials could be your biggest market

By Alex Powell and Priya Rao Kids these days! Usually when we utter those words it’s while we’re shaking our heads in dismay. Today, however, we’re thanking the millennial demographic (those born between 1982 and 1995) for a resurgence of interest in fine beverages. If you haven’t read this article from The Back Label yet, […]

Five ways to improve your wine list

By Alex Powell and Priya Rao August 31, 2015 Leave a comment Restaurant-goers worldwide are increasingly savvy with their wine knowledge and appreciation. As such, wine is becoming an integral part of a truly enjoyable dining experience. Wine sales offer the most surefire profit margin, as there is little risk in trying new vineyards and […]