Casual dining restaurants serve up more microbrew beers to combat Canadians’ declining beverage consumption and maximize cheques at every visit.

Casual dining operators are facing a market with no traffic growth and little to no cheque gains (even with inflation), with top chains pulling ahead of independents. On one hand, operators need strategies to drive traffic to high-cheque dayparts like supper. On the other hand, they have to make the most of each visit. The […]

Top types of specialty adult beverages

Martinis are the most popular type of specialty adult beverage on Canadian menus, according to MenuMonitor data. The classic martini is strong and simple, made only from gin and dry vermouth. However, operators are developing specialty martinis, some of which swap out the classic ingredients with other spirits, while others add innovative flavours. For example, […]

Tea aficionados welcome the new tea revolution

By Frank Weber December 23, 2014 Tea may be picking up steam – no pun intended – but that steam now comes in many liquid as well as solid applications. Chefs and mixologists are finding creative and delicious new uses for this versatile ingredient. Tea started its amazing journey some 5,000 years ago in the […]

Expanding your beer menu to boost profits

By Roger Mittag October 22, 2014 They say that numbers don’t lie – but they can sometimes be misconstrued. While it’s true that beer has long been a dominant force in the beverage industry and that we’ve seen some amazing numbers of growth over the past few years, the one constant discussion point is the […]

Quenching the thirst for better non-alcoholic beverages at restaurants and foodservice operations

By Aaron Jourden Upgrading and enhancing non-alcoholic beverages is a great way for operators to please their guests and differentiate from the competition. Today, we’re seeing operators expand their beverage offerings beyond basic soft drinks, milk and coffee, to include such trend-forward refreshments as handcrafted ades (such as lemonades and limeades), fresh-squeezed fruit-and-veggie juices, and […]