Australian lamb takes a star turn in Toronto

The ability for Australian lamb to elevate the menu was on full display recently at two events hosted by MediaEdge Communications for the Canadian Gaming Summit. You’ve already read about Australian lamb’s grassy and mild flavour and tender and lean qualities; about the versatility and quality that it offers; and about its sustainable and ethical […]

Competition & collaboration at the Humber College Iron Chef Competition

Chefs, as a general rule, are always striving to raise their ceiling, competing with themselves to achieve higher standards. It’s a trait that serves them well in their careers, and it all starts early. Competitions like the Humber College Iron Chef Competition, sponsored for 2022 by Kraft Heinz, help to foster this mindset, as well […]

Elevate a menu with the quality and versatility of Australian lamb

Many chefs already know that incorporating Australian lamb as the star of a dish can breathe new life — and taste — into a menu. As lamb becomes more familiar to consumers and in higher demand, now is the perfect time for chefs and restaurants to start sourcing the best lamb product in the world. […]

Bar Connect’s Take In: redefining your dining operation

For so many operators in Canada’s foodservice industry in 2022, the future will be a hybrid of the pre-pandemic emphasis on the indoor dining experience and the increasingly digitized stream of off-premises consumption that surged in prominence during the pandemic. Balancing these two focuses will be a challenging task for restaurants, particularly alongside the perpetual […]

Australian lamb’s versatility is the perfect tool for chefs

Lamb is an increasingly popular choice for chefs as well as consumers both dining out and eating in. Menu Matters reports that there’s been a 14 per cent increase in lamb in casual dining over the last 10 years and a 19 per cent increase in quick-service in just the last four years, demonstrating that […]

Canadian chefs look down under for sustainable lamb

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the delicious and versatile taste of high-quality lamb into your menu, there’s no better choice than Australian lamb. Australian lamb sold in Canada and the U.S. is climate-neutral, pasture-raised, all-natural, and free of artificial additives. An unwavering commitment to quality and integrity, combined with the rich unspoiled environment […]

Championing the chefs of tomorrow with S.Pellegrino

After a very difficult two years for the Canadian culinary industry, it’s important to shine a light on the country’s talented and hardworking chefs. The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition does just that, giving centre stage to the culinarians of the future.    Now in its fifth year, the competition offers young chefs an inspiring […]

Bar Connect: Safer dining at full capacity

With the foodservice industry finally returning to full capacity in many provinces and other pandemic health measures such as mask mandates and proof of vaccination being dropped in many jurisdictions, restaurant operators, staff, and diners need to know they are in the safest environment possible. In a world in which the standards of health, safety, […]

Finding Canada’s next rising star with the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Regional Competition

After all the Canadian foodservice industry has gone through over the last two years, there has never been a better time to celebrate the country’s young chefs. The closures, restrictions, and other ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic have taken a damaging toll upon Canada’s culinary community and challenged the livelihoods of chefs nationwide. The pandemic […]

Bar Connect: Efficiency is the name of the game

The new world of foodservice needs a new solution. It’s clear that automation and increased efficiency have become more important than ever for restaurateurs over the last two years of the pandemic. In this context, tools like Bar Connect can be lifesavers for restaurants. Bar Connect offers an extensive range of efficiency benefits for foodservice […]