By the Numbers: Why online marketing is more important than ever

By Jeff Dover Now more than ever, it’s important for restaurateurs to get into online marketing — luckily, it’s easier than it looks. According to Monetate, a marketing software provider, more than one billion restaurant visits in the United States are influenced by online marketing. We came to a similar conclusion at fsSTRATEGY, as well. […]

Shining a Light on Autism: St. Louis Bar & Grill contributes $260,000 toward autism awareness

By Gregory Furgala “You don’t have a choice with autism. The children don’t have a choice, and the families don’t have a choice. And what we need to do is create opportunity. And the way we’re going to create opportunity is by increasing awareness.” Those were the opening remarks from Brent Poulton, president of St. […]

No Soup For You? The Original Soupman, made famous by “Seinfeld,” continues franchise expansion

By Merilee Kern Ever since the phrase “no soup for you!” was coined on the NBC sitcom “Seinfeld” back in the mid ’90s, the Original Soupman has endured not only as a cultural icon, but a culinary one as well. Over two decades later, this New York City-born food brand has again turned its attentions […]

Cheese Tea? How Instagram changes what we eat and drink

By Gregory Furgala Through its clear plastic cup, it looks like a latte, but with only one sip it’s very clear that it isn’t a latte. It’s salty, sweet and tangy. The head is thicker and heavier than the airy foam that crowns anything found in the typical coffee shop, but it’s cold and refreshing. […]

Taking a Dive: Turning the dingy local standby into a value-driven concept

By Doug Radkey It feels like the dive bar has become trendy once again throughout Canada. But can you really create a dive bar, or is it a food and beverage concept that evolves over (a particularly hard) time? It’s customary to walk into a traditional dive bar and wonder throughout your visit how this […]

Money on the Table: Recent survey finds that halal consumers are underserved by foodservice providers

By Gregory Furgala A recent survey of 1,000 halal consumers found that the market for halal products is largely underserved. It’s not for lack of trying, though, but a lack of innovation. The result is a significant gap in the marketplace. Nourish Food Marketing, the Toronto-based food marketing agency that conducted the survey, reported that […]

Trend Watch: The importance and re-imagining of the family dinner

By Jo-Ann McArthur Last month I talked about the casting off of traditional mealtimes. Consumers are increasingly in favour of all-day snacking, with breakfast and lunch the meals most at risk. Dinner, the meal skipped least often, is still seen as a traditional time for a family to gather together, and hence carries more social […]

Use Google Posts to increase traffic to your restaurant

By Mark Goren Let’s assume you know what an online local business directory is. And let’s even assume that you’ve claimed your restaurant’s listing on Google and perhaps some other directories. Have you thought about how you can optimize your listing? Have you considered trying Google Posts, a new feature that will allow your listings to get […]

How to solve the biggest problem with your restaurant marketing

By Donald Burns How do you feel about your sales? Are you happy? Satisfied? Do you wish they were better? I’m going to take a wild guess that you want them to be better. Welcome to the common dilemma many restaurants face: trying to use marketing to drive more guests in the front door. As […]