How to earn extra profits and free advertising with retail merchandise

By Diane Chiasson Selling retail and promotional items can help your company in many ways. It can help you enhance and strengthen your brand image, as well as bring in more revenue. It’s not just for big chain and theme restaurants anymore. Any restaurant or foodservice owner or operator could benefit from it. If the […]

Today’s Tip: Building brand awareness

By David Swanston September 20, 2011 Independent op erators often overlook a simple yet powerful marketing opportunity available to them each and every day. Placing the business name, logo and contact information on everyday items such as carryout containers, mints and napkins are simple ways to strengthen brand awareness. When people see a customer carrying […]

Tips for developing or rebranding a restaurant concept

By Diane Chiasson Whether you are thinking of opening a new restaurant or rebranding your current concept, what you come up with during the initial stages of your restaurant’s development could already decide the fate of your success. With so much competition in the marketplace, it is essential that you come up with an original […]

Proper signage can help increase sales dramatically

By Diane Chiasson Your signage is your silent salesperson, and should perform the same job as a salesperson does – sell your products! Signage is one of your most effective merchandising tools, so it is important to ensure that your signage is not only giving your customers information about your products but also telling your […]