Food holidays to celebrate in November

As we approach the holiday season, there are some food holidays to celebrate that can get your restaurant team and guests feeling festive a little early. Celebrating food holidays gives guests an extra reason to visit, lets you try out items on your menu, and attracts new customers. November offers some unique occasions, ending with […]

Mocktails get a makeover as consumer demand rises

The last few years have seen a significant rise in mocktails on menus as operators get creative with non-alcoholic beverages to meet the growing consumer demand. As 57 per cent of global consumers plan to participate in Dry January, restaurants need to look at their menus for opportunities to add in items that will satisfy […]

Raise revenues for your restaurant this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, so drawing a crowd can fill those seats and help you make this month’s revenue. With the cost of groceries rising nine per cent, and dining costs increasing about 8.8 per cent year-over-year, more people may be choosing to skip the hosting and visit […]

Back-to-school promos for your restaurant

As the weather starts to turn, we are reminded that back-to-school is around the corner, so how can your restaurant attract families at this time of year? Fall often brings a hectic schedule for families, so it’s time to sharpen your pencil to create something that will attract diners to your restaurant. A new start […]

Why non-alcoholic beverages are a must for your menu

Making sure your menu features non-alcoholic beverages is a must for summer, however, non-alcoholic beverages are a hit all year, including fancy hot drinks, slushies, milkshakes, and more. Consumers typically see these items as a way to treat themselves, so it’s a great way for restaurants to up those cheque totals. Each category of non-alcoholic […]

Non-alcoholic beverages are menu must-have

Non-alcoholic beverages aren’t just mocktails; they can also include fancy hot drinks, slushies, milkshakes, and more. Consumers often buy these items to treat themselves, providing an opportunity for restaurants to up those cheque totals. Each category of non-alcoholic beverages has its place on the menu and offers its own advantages for your restaurant – and […]

Canada’s first sugar sweetened beverage tax introduced in Newfoundland and Labrador

In a move to try and decrease sugar consumption in Newfoundland and Labrador, the first sugar sweetened beverage tax in Canada has now been implemented by the provincial government. As promised in October 2021, a tax of 20 cents per litre now applies to all drinks with added sugars, on top of the existing provincial […]

Refreshing beverage menus with smoothies and juice

By Kristin Menas Although smoothies and juices are typically associated with summer, these non-alcoholic options are beginning to carve out a significant place on beverage menus year-round. According to Technomic data, mentions of fruit smoothies on Canadian menus have increased by four per cent in the latest two-year period, compared to a 3.3-per-cent increase in […]

Conventional coffee most common on Canadian menus

By Kristin Menas November 9, 2015 Leave a comment The top type of coffee drink on Canadian menus is conventional coffee and/or filter coffee, according to MenuMonitor data. Although specialty coffees have grown more popular in recent years, most establishments offer a straightforward, traditional cup of coffee. Beyond coffee cafés and breakfast-focused chains, classic coffee […]