The foodservice sector and animal welfare

By Riana Topan Most of us love animals, and we don’t want to see them suffer. Despite our instinctive, protective feelings towards them, however, many of us are trapped in a disconnect concerning animal welfare. The Canadian laws and regulations do not do enough to protect animals – especially the cows, pigs, chickens, sheep, ducks, […]

Limited-time offers can help operators attract and retain customers

By Mo Chaar Canada’s restaurant industry continues to experience challenges, with nearly half of restaurants still operating at a loss or barely breaking even. With higher costs and weaker consumer spending, the food and beverage sector needs to get creative to keep patrons coming through the door, and limited-time offers (LTOs) are an attractive and […]

Today’s technology revolutionizes restaurant payroll

By Samantha Clark As the foodservice industry continues to change and evolve, modern payroll tools are transforming restaurants by streamlining operations, enhancing accuracy, and improving employee satisfaction. Traditional payroll methods in restaurants are not only time-consuming but are also prone to errors, leading to dissatisfaction among staff and administrative burdens for management. However, modern payroll […]

Creating a safe, compliant restaurant environment

By Shelby Veltkamp A safe work environment is not only a legal necessity but also a cornerstone of a productive and positive workplace culture in hospitality. Ensuring the well-being of employees involves more than just adhering to regulations; it requires a proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential hazards. Creating and maintaining a safe and […]

Put your restaurant on the podium during the Olympics

Olympic fever has begun and it’s a great time to get guests excited for fun festivities, themed menus, and original events. Here are just a few of the ways you can celebrate the Olympics with your restaurant community: Host Olympic viewing parties for like-minded fans to gather and cheer on their favourites. Offer a themed […]

Energy drinks continue to gain momentum on menus

As operators try and come up with innovative menu items to attract attention and boost traffic, some coffee shop chains have recently added energy drinks to their caffeinated beverage lineups. Studies show that about one-third of grocery shoppers repeatedly buy energy drinks, with the sales of caffeinated beverages rising 73 per cent from 2018 to […]

Using restaurant aesthetics to boost your online brand

By Nicholas Rubright In today’s digital age, the success of a restaurant goes beyond just serving delicious food; it’s also about creating an experience that diners want to share online. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok have transformed how people discover and engage with restaurants. Crafting aesthetic menus and spaces is a great way […]

Effective marketing strategies to boost your restaurant sales

By Dawn Castell In the competitive restaurant industry, standing out and attracting customers requires a well-executed marketing strategy to increase sales, enhance brand visibility, and foster customer loyalty. Create a strong, comprehensive marketing approach to promote your restaurant effectively and drive sales growth. Understanding your market and setting goals Before diving into specific marketing tactics, […]

Minimize food waste and support your community with an audit

By Lori Nikkel  We know that restaurants work really hard to get as much food out the door as possible without wasting any, but there still may be opportunities to do more. Is there a way to minimize food waste in your restaurant, make more money, and support your community? If you’re looking to update […]

The crucial role of loyalty in restaurant operations

By Jacob Mancini In the fast-paced world of restaurant ownership, success can often feel like navigating a maze. Between regulations, economic shifts, overhead management, food costs, labour and more, it’s a world filled with obstacles and uncertainties. And yet, it is still one of the most attractive industries for entrepreneurs. However, what is under-emphasized in […]