Items to consider before franchising your restaurant

Items to consider before franchising your restaurant By Chad Finkelstein April 15, 2013 Franchise lawyers regularly get calls from business owners who are considering taking the step of franchising for the first time, and are asked that very question. While we are specialists within the industry, and have a unique perspective as a result, lawyers […]

Will my franchised restaurant make money?

Will my franchised restaurant make money? By Chad Finkelstein November 20, 2013 ‘How much money can I make?’ That seems like a fair enough question for a franchisee to ask of a franchisor. After all, the franchisee will be paying a healthy premium for the right to open a restaurant under the franchisor’s trade-mark, so […]

Buying a franchised restaurant? Do your homework.

By Tony Wilson Leave a comment Just like unsinkable luxury liners aren’t supposed to sink, Franchised businesses are never supposed to fail. That’s why you buy a franchise, isn’t it? To get the good training, the better location, the brand recognition and the benefits of being part of a larger system and buying group. Its […]

Is your restaurant ready for non-traditional expansion?

Is your restaurant ready for non-traditional expansion?By Chad Finkelstein February 21, 2013 Traditional bricks-and-mortar restaurant development is generally associated with standalone businesses operating inside of malls, strip plazas, power centres or storefronts. However, development opportunities do exist beyond the confines of these conventional venues, and they may present an exciting and unique way to appeal […]

To lease or not to lease to a restaurant franchisee?

To lease or not to lease? That is the question By Chad Finkelstein October 2, 2012 When it comes to placing a franchisee at a particular location, franchisors generally have two options – be the tenant or don’t be the tenant. One of the most common lease arrangements in franchise relationships is where the franchisor […]

How to handle online complaints

In the hospitality industry, above all else, it is the experience that is sold. Those experiences may come in the form of dining, hotel stays or retail purchases. Long after a meal is finished, the major takeaway is the experience.  Positive guest experiences are the number one driver of new business in the form of […]

Seven rules to successfully open a restaurant

By Diane Chiasson Opening a new restaurant from scratch is a lot more complicated than you think.  My parents had a restaurant together and later on, my mother opened a small bakery. From my years of helping hundreds of operators successfully start, different types of foodservice operations, and for those who are thinking of opening […]

Secrets to Success

Secrets of success: 10 key factors for running a profitable restaurant By Geoff Wilson and Jeff Dover, fsSTRATEGY Inc. Leave a comment Tracking 2,500 restaurants over a three-year period, an Ohio State Univer sity professor concluded that 25 per cent of restaurant startups failed within the first year, and 60 per cent of restaurant start-ups […]