Preventive maintenance for heating and cooling equipment

By David Turk In the restaurant and foodservice industry, the easiest and least expensive option in the short term often ends up being inconvenient and more costly in the long run. Whether it’s the headaches associated with unreliable equipment in the kitchen, a disappointing dish made with sub-standard ingredients or a bad customer experience because […]

Five ways to maintain low food costs

By Jordan Knox Restaurateurs may have started seeing a trend of food costs rising and profit margins shrinking, which puts an increased focus on managing the controllable costs as much as possible. Many costs associated with owning a business are fixed: rent, utilities and to some extent, staffing. The one intangible that can make or […]

Tips for choosing and maintaining dishwashing equipment

By Sean Moon Dishwashing equipment, the true workhorse of any restaurant kitchen, can also be an unsung hero for foodservice operators in terms of cost-savings and energy efficiency. While the basic functions and purpose of dish and warewashing equipment have remained fairly constant over the years, manufacturers are adding new, money-saving features every year. Canadian […]

Increasing the profitability of draught beer

By Roger Mittag For as long as I can remember, beer has been ‘just’ beer. It has been refreshingly easy to drink and for the longest time, most beers tasted the same. The harsh reality is that most draught beer purveyors simply didn’t give it a second thought. Sure, we all need draught beer but […]

Five ideas to curb financing woes

The recession changed things dramatically for most small businesses, and the restaurant industry was no exception. It has created a different landscape for business owners in terms of credit options and overall profitability. But our industry is nothing if not resilient; many restaurateurs have sprung back from the challenges of the financial crisis, finding new […]

Keys to managing your food costs

Keys to managing your food costsBy Neil Lester June 1, 2015 Leave a comment Many clients I work with, from chains to independent operators, are always looking for advice on how to better manage the two largest and most important input costs in the restaurant industry — labour and food.  Here are some keys to […]

Three key considerations to enhance your restaurant operations with accurate reporting

By Christina Kanellos Managing employees. Serving customers. Ordering supplies. The day-to-day operations of running a foodservice business can be time consuming. Have you taken the time lately to better understand how your business is performing? In a highly competitive industry, where margins and customer service matter now more than ever, it is critical that you […]