Five questions to ask before you decide to renovate your restaurant

By Diane Chiasson Restaurant trends come and go, especially when it comes to design and décor. Your restaurant operation obviously cannot afford to jump on every trend’s bandwagon, but renovations, whether small or large, are a necessity in order to remain competitive and relevant in today’s society. Depending on the state of your operation, a […]

Restaurant marketing by design

Marketing by design By Chris Hannah October 22, 2012   Is your restaurant design sending the right message? Do your customers understand you? In my view, Marketing 101 would suggest that sending a clear message is Job No. 1. Nowhere is this more apparent and more critical than in foodservice. And, nowhere have I seen […]

Seven ways to modernize your restaurant’s interior design and decor

By Diane Chiasson Look around at all the new restaurant and foodservice operations opening lately, and you will see a distinct trend in the interior design – modern, streamlined, white-on-white looks combined with rustic themes, a mixture of the past and contemporary. Today, the goal of restaurant owners is to create a space that is […]

Ten tips for proper restaurant lighting

By Diane Chiasson Many restaurant and foodservice operators often overlook some of the less obvious points that might help to make their operations more successful – like lighting. Restaurant lighting must enhance the mood of the establishment and is dictated by the type of food you serve, as well as your restaurant’s design. But it […]