Four questions to help you hire the right restaurant staff

By Cameron Laker Understanding the way you hire restaurant staff can change your business forever. Answering four questions can help you gain a deeper understanding of your hiring practices and help to address some of the challenges associated with running a successful business. Before you get started, it helps to recognize that there is a […]

Five policies you need to enforce with your restaurant employees

By Diane Chiasson Keeping your employees happy yet making sure they follow all the rules within your operation can be tricky. The key is to spell out all your policies clearly and fairly in your employee handbook (and elsewhere in your operation if necessary via signage). Upon hiring, make sure you go over each and […]

Why your bartender should be a chameleon

The personal touch: Why your bartender should be a chameleon By Adrian Caravello October 25, 2013 A smart business model is one that focuses on the long term. This is achieved in many different ways that result in customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and a strong word-of-mouth reputation. To achieve a long-term sustainable business model, your […]

A three-step approach to engaging your restaurant staff to deliver great guest experiences

By Denis Hancock September 20, 2013 “Our people are our greatest asset” is a common refrain throughout the business world – particularly in reference to front-line staff. But it’s particularly appropriate in the restaurant industry, where an engaging, service-focused culture delivering a unique dining experience can keep guests coming back and make them more forgiving […]

Training should focus on the big picture

September 24, 2012 When you invest in training, spend more time on the big picture and outcomes you are looking for (like overall guest satisfaction) than the process and tactics. If everyone understands the goal is customer satisfaction, then “rules” and “policies” don’t become obstacles or limitations. Courtesy of Neil Lester founder of FirstOak Hospitality […]

How to save your restaurant or foodservice operation money by filing Records of Employment electronically

How to save money by filing Records of Employment electronicallyBy Season Osborne May 4, 2012 Restaurants and foodservice companies prepare more than food. With the industry’s high staff turnover, employers also prepare and issue a large number of Records of Employment (ROEs). Pizza Pizza Ltd. is a national quickservice restaurant that issues close to 500 […]