Restaurant CEOs’ 3 tips for success during COVID-19

How to improve customer experience, capitalize on new opportunities, and implement innovative technologies By Doug Reifschneider and Rich DePencier Even in this challenging time for the industry, restaurants are finding innovative ways to better serve the needs of their customers. They are evolving at breakneck speed to keep up with constantly changing rules and regulations, […]

Better Data, Better Summer: Smart use of smart tech can help maximize your restaurant’s seasonal revenue

By David Hopkins The technology landscape is rapidly changing underneath restaurateurs’ feet, and with that shift comes a number of opportunities to not only improve their guest experience, but also their bottom line. Restaurateurs’ physical landscapes have expanded too, if only temporarily. Patios bring more seats, more people and more chances to make money — […]

Context Sensitive: Start marketing to people when it matters most

By Sean Keith Despite an expected year-on-year sales increase for the sector as a whole, competition among Canada’s food and beverage outlets remains fierce. New advancements in technology mean customers have more options than ever when it comes to dining out, ordering in, picking up, having groceries delivered or preparing a subscription meal kit. It’s […]

Different Tech, Different Takes: The future according to two foodservice suppliers

How has technology imposed itself on your restaurant? Do you rely on online reservations to fill your dining room? Do you run a seatless, delivery app-dependent ghost kitchen? Does your ambience depend on a music streaming service? It’s a truism at this point, but the march of technology is inescapable, and foodservice isn’t an exception […]

Innovation Inundation: Top products at the 2018 Canadian Restaurant & Bar Show

By Gregory Furgala There was no shortage of game-changing products featured at the 2018 CR&B Show. Hundreds of exhibitors took to the trade show floor, displaying boutique spirits, custom restaurant furniture, high tech kitchen gear and more. Even in that company, though, the following stood out as particularly exceptional. Chowbotics’ Sally Chowbotics’ Sally, a salad-making robot, […]

Closer Look: How digital security can better protect your business

By Del Williams Convenience stores, restaurants and QSRs have traditionally installed surveillance cameras to deter crime and encourage safety, but too often these have provided images that lacked detail, particularly in low light conditions. Retrieving video has usually been tedious, requiring endless searching and scanning to find the desired footage. Sharing and archiving of the video has […]

Head in the Clouds: The next step for POS systems

By Dax Dasilva Looking back at the last few years, we’ve seen emerging new technologies completely transform the restaurant industry. App-driven delivery is a downtown norm, and restaurants that haven’t adopted social media shouldn’t expect to be long for this world. The rise of the mobile, cloud-based POS, and the emphasis on a customer-centric experience, […]

Hospitality c-suite strategist reveals “Internet of Things,” a key new technology in foodservice

By Merilee Kern When British technologist Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of Things” in 1999, referring to a network connecting not just people but the everyday objects around them, it was a concept both fantastical and futuristic. But with a new emphasis on food safety engendered by the sweeping reforms of the FDA Food […]