Finding success through flexible financing

Calgary’s Blowers & Grafton has thrived during the pandemic thanks to painstaking planning and Merchant Growth’s solutions By Tom Nightingale Foodservice and hospitality is often a fine-margin business even at the best of times. There’s so much to juggle financially, from day-to-day product and operational expenses to salaries, from rent and insurance to health and […]

Restaurant Branding During COVID-19: Developing your brand guide

In Part I of a new three-part look at restaurant branding during the pandemic, we assess how operators can lay solid marketing foundations By Doug Radkey Hospitality, since the beginning of time, has been about building connections. That right there is not going to change, even with a global pandemic thrown our way. Even though […]

The case for tamper-evident food packaging

How tamper-evident packaging improves food safety and customer satisfaction. By Paul Rutherford It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an enormous increase in restaurant delivery and takeout sales. In fact, a recent Dalhousie University study found that the number of Canadians ordering food once a week increased from 29.6% to 45.4% between […]

Common restaurant operations mistakes – and how to fix them

During the COVID-19 pandemic, running smooth restaurant operations has become harder than ever. Thankfully, some surefire tips can help.

Have a creative and catchy logo

November 14, 2011 Having a creative and catchy logo will help attract more attention to your restaurant or foodservice operation. If your logo is eye-catching, it will also create a lasting memory in the minds of your customers. If need be, hire a graphic designer to help you design a great logo that suggests your […]

Today’s Tip: Building brand awareness

By David Swanston September 20, 2011 Independent op erators often overlook a simple yet powerful marketing opportunity available to them each and every day. Placing the business name, logo and contact information on everyday items such as carryout containers, mints and napkins are simple ways to strengthen brand awareness. When people see a customer carrying […]