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If you are a restaurant or bar owner, manager or chef who would like to share your insights, opinions and expertise with the Canadian foodservice community, our editorial team would love to hear from you! To be considered for editorial participation (i.e. interviews, comments, sidebars, article contribution, etc.) in future issues of our print and […]

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September’s top menu trends to watch September 12, 2017 Alternative financing: Know your options September 5, 2017 Drug testing and safety in a Smart Serve environment August 29, 2017 Authenticity is vital as interest in ethnic foods grows August 22, 2017 August’s top restaurant concepts to watch August 15, 2017 Meat prices to increase with […]

Five principles in creating a business plan

Five principles in creating a business plan By Jordan Knox October 28, 2015 Leave a comment Plans bring thoughts and people together. Without a plan, a business is a little like a driver without a map: at the end of the day, a destination will be reached, but it may not be the intended one.  […]

Pass the salt, hold the ego

With his numerous reality shows and Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsey has become more than well known, not only for his successful businesses and culinary skills, but also for his hot and volatile temper. While this old-school style of kitchen government may seem entertaining and undoubtedly keeps the viewers on the edge on their seats, […]

The sweet success of bite size, mini desserts

The sweet success of bite size, mini desserts By Liana Robberecht April 28, 2011 Over the years I have found that dessert can sometimes be a hard sell after the customer orders the full line-up of soup, salad, appetizer, and main course. When that dessert option is offered, the customer will say “no thanks, I’m […]

Growing your restaurant beyond Canada’s borders

International expansion: Growing your restaurant beyond Canada’s bordersBy Chad FinkelsteinNovember 18, 2014 These days, everyone seems to be asking me the same question about expanding their restaurant businesses – going international. Whether it’s the United States, European countries or Middle Eastern nations, restaurant owners either want to grow beyond Canada’s borders or have been approached […]