Recipe Club: Cardamon-Hibiscus Sharbat

Sponsored by McCormick Canada Keep cool with our take on an icy Persian treat: Sharbat. Start by infusing water with sugar, honey, McCormick Gourmet™ Cardamom and McCormick™ Gourmet Organic Cinnamon Sticks and hibiscus flowers. Once strained and cooled, this fragrant syrup is combined with club soda over ice for a fizzy, sweet and tart drink […]

Q&A with Robin Wasicuna: “It doesn’t matter what you’re producing if you’re putting out a good product”

Robin Wasicuna is at a crossroads. Earlier this year, the Yellowknife-based chef closed down his brick-and-mortar restaurant, the Twin Pines Diner, to open his second food truck. His first became Yellowknife’s sole go-to for burgers made with freshly ground meat, homemade accoutrements and proper buns, an approach that sparked some friendly, productive competition with other […]

Winning Pair

The FSR segment is losing ground to quick and limited-service restaurants, but creative, value-driven beverage programs can help arrest the trend By Sophie Mir Full-service restaurants are struggling to flourish in today’s foodservice market. In fact, according to Technomic’s 2019 Top 200 Canadian Chain Restaurant Report, both full-service location and sales growth have slowed down […]

Flavour Forecast: Guajillo Plum & Peanut Sauce Vegan Mexican

Vegan Mexican flavours are changing from trend to way of life around the world, and these creative new dishes are authentic in taste and mouth-wateringly delicious. The bright and flavourful spices used in Mexican cuisine pair perfectly with meatless options like eggplant, mushrooms or garbanzo beans that can mimic pulled pork or chorizo sausage. A […]

Recipe Club: Deep Fried Black Pepper Ravioli with Spicy Cayenne Pepper & Parmesan Marinara Dipping Sauce

Nothing says comfort food like handmade, deep fried ravioli! Stuffed with subtly sweet jackfruit marinated overnight in coconut oil, chicken stock and black pepper, these dynamic flavours are paired perfectly with a fresh and spicy San Marzano tomato marinara sauce. This unique and mouth-watering appetizer is sure to bring the heat and satisfy anyone’s savoury […]

Sláinte! A night of Scotch pairings made for a rousing — and carousing — success

Wine pairings tend to get the most attention in hospitality, but what about Scotch? Members of CF Winnipeg were treated to a convincing seminar on the neglected pairing, tasting four rounds of whiskey, each one representative of a method, process and region that make it special. Gary Dawyduk, a product ambassador for the Grant Park […]