food holidays in June

Celebrating food holidays in June

If you’re looking for new ways to attract customers, offer something unique, and create a buzz for your restaurant, try celebrating some of the food holidays in June. Getting your guests in the spirit with unique menu items, themed décor, and enthusiastic staff will have customers talking about your restaurant in no time.

You can go big by making over your menu for the day, or just add little touches here and there to test the waters. Either way, spread the word about the festivities so you can draw a crowd and fill those tables.

Here are five fun holidays your restaurant can celebrate in June:

June 2: National Donut Day

Who can turn down a delicious donut dessert? Serve them as a tower, use them for bread pudding, make donut ice cream sandwiches, or create something all your own – the sky’s the limit on this decadent holiday.

Here’s a dish that’s perfect for sharing, with sampler platters offering something for everyone at the table and an almost endless array of flavours at your disposal. For kids, you might serve them plain, allowing them to decorate them with their own toppings like sprinkles and icing for an extra fun treat. You could even come up with your own pairing menu to entice guests to add signature or specialty coffees to their dessert of choice.

June 15: National Lobster Day

This holiday may sound high-end, but it doesn’t need to be. Lobster is a versatile ingredient, lending itself to a variety of dishes. Surf ‘n’ turf is always an option, but dishes like lobster rolls, mac and cheese, and lobster salad are just some of the ways you can add lobster to the menu for mass appeal.

If you are looking for that high-end experience, you could offer a prix-fixe menu with a lobster entrée and ask guests to book ahead to reserve their spots. This idea has the added benefit of knowing ahead of time whether the restaurant will be full and what revenues you can expect for the night.

June 16: Fresh Veggies Day

Of course, there are already veggies on your menu, but here’s your chance to make them stars for the day! If you want to focus on local produce, this offers you the chance to use in-season ingredients that are at their freshest.

Think of new ways to get guests excited about veggies! How about a charcuterie board, vegetarian-style? Or veggie sushi bites as an appetizer? Or maybe you want to go traditional, with big salads that show off seasonal ingredients? However you decide to celebrate this one, it makes it easy to use up fresh ingredients, develop some colourful dishes, and mix it up on your menu.

June 19: National Martini Day

Martinis are a cocktail must, so there’s probably already a traditional option on your menu. If that’s the case, you could create something new and trendy for your guests, with a twist on the traditional, like a hibiscus or lavender version. If you’ve already taken that step, consider a signature version that’s all your own – you might even add it to your menu permanently if it catches on.

And don’t forget the non-drinkers in the crowd! Impress your guests with creative mock-tinis that will get attention and raise your revenues.

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June 26: National Chocolate Pudding Day

Chocolate lovers, unite! You may be hesitant to add this dish to your menu, but while it could be a delicious addition to your kids’ menu, it doesn’t have to stop there. Take the opportunity to offer guests your take on chocolate pudding, using creative flavours and presentation.

You could turn up the heat on your traditional chocolate pudding with a spicy mix to give it more depth. Or maybe you’re looking for an elevated version, more like a pot de crème, with more of a custard texture. You could even create a flight with mini puddings in different flavours – think chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate mint, and more – for a delicious dessert to share.

Make it social

Celebrating monthly food holidays gives you the chance to change it up by switching your menu for a limited period of time – and social media is a great place to spread the word. From holiday hashtags to teaser photos and footage, to sharing posts from your guests, use your platforms to get new eyes on your content and new customers through your doors as you celebrate food holidays in June.

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