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Chef Normand Laprise to open two new Montreal restaurants this fall

Press release

Chef Normand Laprise and Christine Lamarche, co-owners of renowned Montréal establishments Toqué! and Brasserie T!, will reveal next fall an all-new restaurant named Beau Mont, in addition to launching a second Brasserie T branch, this time on Montréal’s South Shore, in Quartier DIX30.

Beau Mont: simple and flavoursome cuisine

The 80-seat Beau Mont will be open 7 evenings a week and will be located near the corner of Beaumont Avenue and L’Acadie Boulevard. This restaurant will serve a cuisine halfway between the one of Toqué! and Brasserie T!, simple and full of flavour. Clean preparations will highlight seasonal products and an open kitchen will give guests a view of the brigade in action. Along with the restaurant, there will be a small gourmet food shop which, much like the dining component, will offer high-quality products from Québec and Canada. In addition to a selection of local cuts of meat, vegetables and other seasonal foods, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy prepared takeaway meals. Sid Lee Architecture, designer of the building owned by Montoni, will ensure the development of this 11,000 square feet business.

Brasserie T! in DIX30

Furthermore, Christine, Normand and their team will open a second Brasserie T!, this time on Montréal’s South Shore, within Quartier DIX30, adjacent to the ALT+ Hotel. This initiative is the first step of the brand’s expansion in the Greater Montréal area.

A focus on local products

Beau Mont and Brasserie T! are consistent with Mr. Laprise’s overall willingness to ensure the sustainability of Québec producers, which has been one of the chef’s trademarks for over 30 years now. “We should draw more attention to the work of people from our region. Supporting our producers is a core value of mine,” he says. “Truly promoting their efforts inevitably involves traceability. We will therefore have the means to put the name of the farm and(or) producer on each item.”

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