Chef Stephan Schulz nominated for Taste Award

The Mississauga, Ont. chef is a finalist in the “Best Instructional Web Series” category for his YouTube channel

Mississauga resident Chef Stephan Schulz has been nominated for a Taste Award in the “Best Instructional Web Series” category. Chef Schulz is nominated for his YouTube channel, which provides free “How To” recipe guides for visitors to his channel. 

 The Taste Awards in Hollywood & Beverly Hills are the premier international awards celebrating the year’s best in Food, Fashion, Health, Travel, and Lifestyle programs in Film, Television, Online & Streaming Video, Podcasts, Radio and Photography.

“There were hundreds of entries in this category from around the world from well known/celebrity chefs and I am ecstatic to know that my simple video concept showing how to prepare the recipes is a hit at the international level with the judges,” states Schulz.  

Stephan Schulz’s YouTube channel is called “Chef Stephan Schulz” and it is one of the six nominated by the judges in this popular category.  

Chef Schulz works across Canada with corporations introducing new tested product items to the menus of the restaurant trade. He showcases these products through major trade shows, and works with food brokers developing recipes for major restaurants and restaurant chains across Canada. 

One of the items he developed that is still present in restaurants today is the Orange Roughy Fish encrusted with Miss Vickies Chips. 

“Not many knew what an Orange Roughy Fish was, but when they tasted the new concept/recipe they wondered why they never heard of this fish before… today, it is used on the menus of many restaurants across Canada,” he says.

When asked if his German heritage has had any influence on his cooking or recipes, he replies: “Heck no! The market influences that, not Germany.”

Chef Stephan Schulz has an Instagram following and from the start he set a goal for him self to post a recipe each day. So far, after a few years, he has managed to continually meet his goal.

“When one has passion, one has inspiration which provides them the drive to create and using a good company to help you make the vision happen,” he adds. “I am fortunate to use TGTV Inc as my production company who have helped me structure the concepts of and on my YouTube Channel. I am very excited about this nomination and also very thankful.”

“In our current situation with the pandemic, we all must adjust and develop new means of doing what we do so we can maintain our restaurants and customers. The pandemic has forced all of us to create better ways of doing what we did and a better delivery mechanism. In short, keep at it, adapt fast and be an innovator.”

The final winners of the 2021 Taste Awards will be announced in April 2021.