A closer look at grocerants: A step towards a convenient and efficient future

Just when we thought we couldn’t reinvent the wheel, we see timeless concepts turned upside down to accommodate an ever-changing society. The food and hospitality industry is one realm that is leading the way with innovation, bringing concepts together to better serve customers.

An exciting innovation that is emerging is grocerants – the combination of grocery stores and restaurants – which is somewhere one can shop but also stop for a bite along the way or ‘treat yo self’ by ordering first and once your shopping is done, sit down for a gourmet meal. A match made in heaven, at first glance you’d wonder why this wasn’t thought of sooner?  The millennial generation’s increasing desire for efficiency while shopping, fused with an enjoyable experience and the ability to share it via social media is just the proverbial cherry on top!

A trend like grocerants couldn’t have come at a better time. Now with the growing world of e-commerce starting to move onto the food scene, brick and mortar stores are now more than ever in need of providing customers with a far from average approach to shopping that will keep them coming back for more. With the shifting landscape we can expect many changes to the food and hospitality industry; it’s anticipated that by 2020, 70 per cent of restaurant businesses will be outside traditional walls, and grocerants are leading the way. Longos is taking a bite into this category with their Corks Beer & Wine bar and Farmboy has in-store dining options from a sushi stop to a stir-fry station. Our south of the border American counterparts have taken this concept a step further; it’s not uncommon to see patrons shopping around the store with a glass of wine or craft beer in hand—now, that definitely takes the chore factor out of grocery shopping!

One of the most popular grocery destinations leading the way for grocerants are ethnic grocery stores. These spots attract Canadians wanting to connect to their cultural roots and curious foodies interested in stepping outside their palate’s comfort zone.

With a full service wait staff ready to serve you anything from roasted chicken to woodfired pizza, and all your pantry needs steps away in aisle 3, grocerants are a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With time and innovation leading us to this harmonious blending of two food industry staples to birth the grocerant, there really is no telling where we’re heading next and what’s going to push us there. Learn about the future of food at this year’s RC Show, where innovation will be unleashed.