Consumers raise hygiene standards for restaurants

These days, consumers are looking for higher levels of hygiene from the businesses they frequent, including the restaurants they visit. In the past, a quick swipe of the table with a damp cloth did the trick for many, but consumers now want to feel like they are entering a safe and sanitized environment when they are dining.

Technology seems to equal customer satisfaction, offering guests the peace of mind that your restaurant is properly addressing their health and safety needs.


Some people are claiming that clean is the new ambiance, with diners looking for an elevated level of cleanliness and proof that restaurants are paying attention to hygiene. Technology is one way that restaurants can show that safety is important, by adopting innovation that limits contact in high-traffic areas.

Things like touchless sinks, QR code menus, and air purifiers are just a few of the ways that restaurants can improve sanitation and show customers that they are listening.

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Customer satisfaction

People need to know that you have upped your standards and value the same things they do. Studies show that customers spend double the amount of money in the restaurants they perceive to meet their cleanliness standards, so if they don’t know about your efforts, you could be hurting your bottom line.

Train your staff to be able to answer customer questions or concerns, and practice the safety procedures you have in place. This will also put your staff at ease, which means it’s likely that employee retention will also improve – and you may even attract new talent once word gets around. When your team is confident that you’re prioritizing safety, your customers will be, too.

Using technology to up your guest experience is the smart way to address your customers’ desire for improved cleanliness. The last few years have made customers very aware of health and hygiene and customers are spending their dollars in restaurants whose values match their own.

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